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Saturday, 30 July 2011

Flying by

Hi All I'm so sorry I haven't had a chance to get back to some of you lately, but apart from the discomfort of this shoulder I am just so tired, as the pain is bad at night, waking me up each time I want to turn over in bed. It's been a regular aking at intervals of two to three hours, and as you shouldn't take anti inflammatory tabs on an empty stomach, I get up and have a biscuit and some milk. , than feel bushed next day.

I haven't had any feedback from the X Ray, so i take it that there is nothing sinsister going on there, and I have the physio on 10th August.

The pain isn't too bad during the day, so long as I am careful in what I do, the other day I reached up to the top shelf to bring down a bowl, and my arm locked on the way down, Gordon Bl**y Bennett, was it sore, it gave a sickening click and unlocked. Pass the smelling salts. Anyhow, I don't want to keep on about it, suffice to say it's the reason I haven't been around, though I have managed to catch up with some gardeing due to the beautiful weather.

Today I uploaded all my videos from the camcorder,all 222 of them, I haven't looked yet as I have the laptop going at the same time and took the opportunity to catch up while I was waiting. Unfortunately I have to go out shortly, It's my grand daughter Lisa's birthday today and we are gooing out for a Chinese tonight, I have to leave here 5.30 and the dogs have to be taken out first, so hopefully I'll be able to have a lazy day going over the videos to-morrow.

i've had Sue's Nettle for a couple of days while Sue did some overtime, Nettle had been spayed and she didn't want to leave her for such a long day.

I'd saved this as a draft as I didn't have time to finish it as I wanted, and I'm swearing like a trooper, all the videos I uploaded haven't worked! I can't open them, a wasted day, damn.

I decided to have another go to-day as it was raining, and tried it on my lap top, and guess what? I think I may have succeeded, so if I have....... with any luck I might be able to show them, that is, if I can sort out how to, always the optimist that's me.

There was a slight change of plan for Lisa's birthday, Martin her dad, decided we should go to the beach instead, and buy a Chinese, so off we trundled, with flasks,chairs, blankets and Uncle Tom Cobbley and all, I met them at 7 pm and we stayed till 10pm, we had to be out by then as they shut the car park gates, we went to Hengistbury Head, I of course, forgot to take the camera, and tried to take a couple of photos on the mobile, oh dear, many were not too good, but I've put a couple on here just to show the mad family I belong to.

The evening finished with a fireworks display at Bournemouth which was about 8 miles away, little Tommy was quite fascinated, it was a good, though different evening, memories are made of these silly thinks though, aren't they? Off into the garden now for a little inspection as it's stopped raining, then out with the dogs, Catch up with you all asap, promise.
Lisa's Birthday party
and slapped wrist, I never took a pic of Lisa because she was behind me. 

Martin, Sarah and Arlene [daughter]

Little Tommy with Ross, Sarah's boy friend

The pics are a bit grainy and out of focus, sorry,
Thank you for visiting and please come back, Arlene, Tango and Ruby


  1. Happy Birthday to your sweet Lisa. Looks like a fun time at the beach.

    I was so hoping to hear you were doing better and had some really good news about your shoulder. Still keeping you in my thoughts and prayers and hope that shoulder gets well. I shudder every time I think of how horrific the pain must be. Hang in there it has to get better I just pray it will be soon. Hugs!

  2. Oh, I hope your videos play too. Hugs

  3. looks like the picnic was a great success :) I hope your shoulder gets better really soon, just take it easy! x

  4. Take care of yourself! I hope your shoulder is better very soon.

    The pictures are great!

  5. Happy Birthday to Lisa. Sure hope that shoulder gets well soon.

  6. Oh the pain you poor luv ... Such a lovely family gathering Arlene , hope your hard work pays off with the video's. Enjoyed your post and thanks for dropping by my place Hugs Sheila and Wile-e xx


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