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Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Harsh justice

I read in the paper to-day [now yesterday] about the British man who has been put on trial in Singapore for pinching a girls’ bottom in a club, He faces a £6.000 fine , two years in jail or a lashing if found guilty, It all seems a bit harsh or is it? Maybe we in the |west are a bit too lax, I don’t know, but I pose the question, would any of you ladies feel so outraged if a man did this to you, or would you consider it a compliment.?

On a lighter note I’ve put up some photos I took on my dog walk yesterday

along the cliffs

This the view towards the East from  Barton on Seadown the cliff path

This path is officially closed due to cliff erosion

flying sepia

I was playing with the settings when I spotted the glider coming along

  Barton on sea

Here he comes

flying 2

Doesn’t it look so peaceful! it was a beautiful day, I did envy him

     Up, Up and awayflying 1

Not long after he was joined by another glider, but they stayed well out of range.



  1. Wonderful photos, Arlene. That man's behavior is considered sexual assault here. It happened to one of Laura's friends last year at a local festival. It earned the man a year in jail, suspended on condition of good behavior for a year, ordered to register as a sex offender and assessed a $1500 fine plus court costs. He came off lucky because that kind of behavior could have got him shot.

  2. Thank you Horst, praise indeed from a pro ;-)
    Crikey Chip, I wasn't aware that that sort of behaviour was taken so seriously anywhere apart from the Middle Eastern countries, perhaps it's because I'm just a tad too old to have it happen to me anyhow, LOL, I'd be flattered.

  3. It would depend on who was doing the pinching, Arlene...only a handful of men (Robert included...of course!) would be allowed to...anyone else would get a slap!!!

  4. Great photos Arlene!!

    Definitely sexual assault here in America. It could have far reaching consequences.

  5. I'm hoping fingers crossed to come over to America for a holiday next year, so I won't need to worry about anyone pinching my bottom, I don't know whether to be relieved or disappointed on that one, maybe I've got a bit of a loose woman in e LOL

  6. Great shots Arlene looks like a lovely warm day .Yes the sentence was a bit harsh on the other hand he shouldn't go around pinching ladies bottoms. LOL XXX


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