Ruby and Tango

Ruby and Tango
Me 'n' Ruby and of course Tango

Thursday, 4 August 2011

A morning in the rain

Well, just as we were  getting used to the lovely weather it has got to spoil it for us, doesn’t it? yesterday it was shorts and tee shirts and burning in the garden, to-day it was waterproofs, wellies and raincoats for the dogs.
I went for a walk down the Bunny which leads down to the sea, it’s quite sheltered from the worst of the  elements under the tree canopy, except when they all gather at the end of a bunch of leaves and deposit a bucket full on you.
As you come to the end of the Bunny it opens out and boy the rain hits you, it came squalling across the Channel like shards of shrapnel  hitting us in every unprotected space.
The red and yellow flags were flying horizontally by the lifeboat shed, anyone would be foolhardy going out in the water to-day, though I did  see one lone surfer  coming back to the  car park, obviously having given up.
Though It wasn’t cold, you had to be wrapped up unless you don’t mind getting wet, I do. !  After a while I started to feel a bit like a steamed pudding in my waterproof jacket.
I walked a bit farther than I intended as the dogs don’t mind and I had lots to do at home, and don’t feel comfortable sitting down doing my thing if they haven’t had a good walk, it’s only fair, as they don’t ask for much.
There weren’t any gliders in the sky to-day LOL they’d have been half way inland to Scotland before they knew it.
To be fair we did need the rain as the gardens were getting parched and watering was becoming a bit of a daily chore, and it cleared up in the afternoon. here’s a couple of pics.
me in rain hatchewton bunny in spateRuby in r'coattango in raincoatT'n'R in r'coats
Me in a rain hat                                                                Chewton Bunny in spate                               Ruby in rain coat                                            Tango in rain coat                                      
  Tango and Ruby lapping the rain water


  1. Nice day out in spite of the weather. Buddy loves the water but hates to get his paws wet! I'm seriously considering fitting him for boots, especially for winter weather to protect him from the ice and chemicals used to clear the roads.

    Listen to me......if I had mentioned putting boots on my dog just a few years ago I'd still be in the asylum!

  2. I perfectly understand what you're saying Chip, once upon a time, when I had German Shepherds, the idea of putting a coat on a dog would have me curled up in stitches and sending for the loony truck. It makes sense to protect what we care for. yougo ahead and get Buddy these boots.

  3. I am sure you and the dogs were hot in your raincoats Arlene, although the weather was awful, it was still warm wasn't it? Having dogs makes you go out in all weathers, I have a cat!! lol x

  4. The dogs look so cute in the raincoats and so do you. :-)

    Not quite as hot here today as it has been.

  5. If you have more rain than you need will you try to send some our way? :) It looks like you all enjoyed the walk despite the rain. The dogs look so cute in their raincoats. Hugs and nose kisses

  6. My daughter has boots for her dogs, especially for winter outing to keep ice and snow from collecting in their paws. Love the raincoats.

  7. Hi Arlene
    Love the dogs water proofs, and your very becoming
    Oh how I wish it would rain here but unfortunately we will have to wait for next Feb before that happens
    Lovely blog
    Love as always
    Lo xxxxx

  8. I love the doggy coats Arlene looks like you all had a good day out. Doggy boots my there's an idea. xxSheila and Wile-e x


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