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Ruby and Tango
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Friday, 21 October 2011


Hi there folks, I'm back though I don’t know for how long, Not wishing to sound a moaner, but just to say I’ve had a lot of discomfort from this ‘frozen shoulder’ and not sleeping well, I went to the doctor and was prescribed painkillers, so I’ve been giving it a bit of a rest till it stabilises, it’s a good bit better.

I appreciate the comments you all left on my blogs and hope to get round to replying where I can. Not much has gone on with me so this post won’t be mind blowing.

The weather turned very cold early in the week, gloves, scarf and warm coat was necessary, for me any how, though the postmen are still wearing their shorts, brrrrrr. they’re a hardy lot. It hardly seems possible that we were baking about 3 weeks ago.

Yesterday I went for a walk along the beach with friend Sue with Nettle, Widget, Stroodle and her dad’s cairn, Jasper, it was a cold start but we soon warmed up, so much that we stopped at the cafe on the beach front and had an ice cream, yummee.

  It has turned a bit milder from this morning, I managed to mow the lawn and hallelujah I don’t appear to be suffering any effects. I’ve just about finished the painting of the dogs, so will take a photo to-morrow.

I’ve got Barney for the week-end as his Mum’s celebrating her Mum’s 90th birthday with relatives up country.

I had some friends over on Sunday, and decided to try my hand at baking a carrot cake, never done one before, What a palaver, and not cheap, but it was really nice, not an everyday bake, but lovely for a special tea.

It will soon be Hallowe’en and we are dressing up at the dancing club, I’ve got most of my costume sorted, I’ll take a photograph of yours truly when the time comes.

Before I go try this link                   It would make even me take up exercise. That’s it for now. Byeee


  1. You found a great video. I'm sure the girls will love it. ;-)

  2. I love carrot cake. It is a lot of work, but well worth it.

    I hope your shoulder gets all better really soon.


  3. Hi Arlene sorry to hear about your shoulder, but glad to hear it's improving. I have baked carrot cake once and yes it is very tasty. But much prefer cooking something that is quick and easy and sweet. HAVE A GREAT Halloween I remmebr when you got dressed up last year. Have fun Hugs to you and the gals. xxSheila and Wile-e :) great video. xx

  4. Welcome back! I love carrot cake, used to make them but haven't made one in a very long time. Hugs

  5. Welcome back. Missed you. Hope your shoulder gets better fast. Carrot cake is so good. Don't make it but whenever anywhere where there is one always have a piece. Better for the figure that way too, lol.

  6. Hi folks I'm tagging replies on here as I can't think of any other way to reply without going into everyones' blog.
    Horst, I think you were the only one who saw the video. :-(
    My shoulder's not really improving, hence the doctor's visit, I don't know what the level of discomfort will be when I stop the pain killer, thanks for visiting.


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