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Ruby and Tango
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Tuesday, 25 October 2011

A few pics

Hi folks I hope I’ve caught up with and replied to most of your comments to my blogs, if I’ve missed anyone out, I apologise.

I’ve not done anything jaw dropping lately, very hum drum.

The weather has got  a bit milder but now the clouds are building up and the rain that has threatened has fallen, on my head !. As I took the dogs out last evening at 5, it started lightly, by the time I got home it was heavier, I got changed and smartened up to go out and it threw it down, running up the path in heels and skirts trying to keep hairdo intact is something we haven’t been used to for a while.

Watching a gardening prog the other evening, we were advised to put fuchsias  under cover, job done! I have some really nice ones which I’d hate to lose. Other tender perennials are in the mini greenhouse too. I’ve emptied most of the pots of spent flowers,  I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I’d planted my bulbs, well some of them are poking their heads up through the soil already, so they too will have to go under cover, as the first frost will chop them down in their prime.

Oh yes I’ve been knitting, a new dear little tea cosy, see pic.

 new tea cosy  isn’t it cute?


This is Tango warming himself in front of the oven while the carrot cake is inside


This is the carrot cake before I iced it.


Nasturtiums going for a ramble


Geraniums are still blooming


This feverfew spreads and self slows all over the place, it’s almost crowded out the fuchsia


My son in law gave me this plant i haven’t got a clue what it is, the large buds at the top look about to pop, but If they don’t do so soon, they’ll get caught in the frost



                       Various bits                                                          Vibirnum, it’s the first time it has      flowered, and that was because I had to   hard pruned it after it got scorched last  winter, it’s recovering well with new shoots popping out all over.

P1010840P1010842P1010843P1010841My grasses , the spiky stuff in the middle was growing into a tree till I chopped it down, I don’t mind if it stays this shape

Well that’s about it folks, nothing exciting, but I thought I’d best post up something, just to let you know I’m still in the land of the living.

Have a wonderful week


  1. You have an awesome garden there Arlene. You have a green thumb as well.

  2. Beautiful garden Arlene and a scrumptious looking cake too. Cream cheese frosting?

  3. I've always admired folks with a green thumb. Back in my single days I even managed to kill a cactus.

    BTW, I haven't run in heels and a skirt in a long time, either:-)

  4. I will be round for a bit of carrot cake very soon LOL xx

  5. Thank you all for comments, I don't know about me having a green thumb, I've had my fair share of killing off plants, or they have sometimes just disappeared.
    Yes Beth it was Cream cheese frosting, Mascarpone cheese, it all added to the costly cake. but worth it.
    Too late Poppy, there's still some fruit cake left though.

  6. Ok your carrot cake made me hungry for desert. I canned plums yesterday and made a nice plumb cake. I know the name of that plant it is on the edge of my tongue but just can't get it out. If it's the same it grows wild in the desert at our winter home in the desert. But in recent years it has been grown as a flowering annual. The horny looking seed pods that it produces after flowering contain a very hallucgenic seeds and very toxic. Shit I grew it here a couple years in pots. Ok after racking my brain I got it. The Datura plant or Jimson Weed, Devils Apple. Look it up and see if that's your plant.

  7. Well then Carrie, thank you very much for that, and what a surprise, I looked it up and you're right. I think I will dispose of it, as it's not exactly beautiful being a tall leggy thing, with the convulvulus type flower, but I'm not happy with the effects, I wonder how they're caused? eating, drying and smoking, but please god not by touch the dogs have got access, though I haven't seen them go near. I will let my son-in law know, he got the plants from a customer.
    I remember a few years ago I had what was identified as Datura in the garden, came from bird seed, but it was a different plant from the same species, the flower was the same and it produced these golf ball sized thorny seeds, I just didn't acquaint one with the other.


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