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Ruby and Tango
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Saturday, 29 October 2011

A miscellany of stuff, mostly food

I’m settled with some of my favourite music a cup of tea and a piece of cake, I thought to h*ll with the chores I will have a cyber chat.

My daughter Arlene, her daughter and husband took me out to lunch yesterday, I ate too much, bangers and mash, followed by Apple crumble and custard, good sensible fair., Thumbs up most enjoyable, so to-day I’m on boiled egg and toast.

I’d baked a fruit cake, see pic below, which we had when we came back home. ‘twas not bad, a bit dry, but passable. I know you don’t usually ice a fruit cake but I’m glad I did, I also sprinkled it with coconut. I didn’t have lemon zest to put in, and I wonder if that made a difference.

Not food this time , but the next pic is of the mysterious plant I said my son in law gave me, it produced this flower, a bit like what you get on the end of a marrow, already it’s gone limp, but there are a few more buds to open. Next one is my Narcissus I planted not so long ago, I’m surprised at how much growth they’ve sprouted already, hope they survive.

Back to food…. I usually make my own soup and freeze it, but unfortunately there was none left, and as I was having a fat day after yesterday,  it would have been ideal, so I bought a packet of Chicken and Leek Cup of Soup, very few calories  thinking  that would do with a slice of bread. By chance I looked at the ingredients and was a bit surprised by the number of ‘ingredients’ there is in the packet, 20 ! yes 20, for Chicken and leek soup, there was 5.4% Leek and 1.3% chicken, Surprised smile I shan’t tell you the rest it would take too long and maybe put you off your lunch.

I ‘ve got to finish my Hallow-een costume for Monday night. so that’s next on the list, i also want to get Tango and Ruby’s painting finished and a new one started for Wednesday’s art.

The weather has improved from yesterday, where it was very wet I got soaked, to-day started off bright and cold, I wrapped up well for my dog walk along the beach, but by the time I got to the cafe half way along, where I stop and give the dogs a welcome drink, I was starting to peel off my clothes, and there were plenty of them Hot smile I ended up carrying gloves,scarf and jacket, we’ve had a nicer Autumn than Summer this year. To-morrow is set to be nice. good, it can last till next Easter as far as I’m concerned.

Tango and Ruby enjoyed the walk, which was about two and a half hours, allowing for dog chats along the way, they’re now spark out. I toddled along to the library to get some more books, something I always get a frisson of excitement from, saddo aren’t I Sad smile I told you my life is boring.

Oh well it’s 3.30 pm and will be time to take the dogs out again around 5, then watch SCD tonight, I wonder who will go to-morrow, unless they pull something out of the hat, I think Nancy de Lollypop, though I think the public are keeping her in hoping she’ll do something real crazy, I laugh when she’s being interviewed with Anton, she’s all over him like a bitch on heat. Flirt female

Well if you’ve stuck this post out to here, thanks, though you were obviously hoping for something earth shattering, sorry to disappoint. but love as always from we three. XX



  1. YUMM!! that cake looks good and reminds me that I haven't felt well enough this year to make my fruit cake.I have the ingredients I need, I just need to get the energy to put them all together. LOL
    Be sure and post a pic of you in your Halloween costume!!

  2. Hi Beth thanks for visiting, I do hope you'll be back to your old self very soon and up to your elbows in flour.
    And yes, i'll hopefully get myself photographed.

  3. Now I'm hungry. Thankfully I don't have any around so I'm safe, lol. My costume waits till next year. Party was tonight but need special make-up on hubby can put on me and he's not feeling well. So party is off.

  4. I agree the cake looks yummy!! Taking your dogs out keeps you fit, and what better way to spend time than reading a good book :) I should know as I work in a library!! Have fun at the party tomorrow, my contribution to Halloween is to watch a few scary programmes on tv lol. Take care xxx

  5. I have found my way over here Arlene this morning and found you in good form. You have been busy the cake looks great and what a good idea puting icing on, just need to sometimes if it is likely to turn out a bit dry. I denjoyed SCD last night you could be right about Nancy wonder who will go tonight. That little flower is pretty mmm don't know what it is though. Tomorrow you have a great time as I'm sure you will. Don't forget to take your camera. Hugs to you and the gals, Sheila and Wile-e :) xx

  6. Hi all glad to see more of my friends on here, Terry I hope whatever is making you feel unwell isn't too serious and will soon be gone. such a shame to miss a party.
    Poppy I would have loved to work in a library, one of my dreams when younger, till I realized you are there to 'work' not read the books
    as I thought :-}Nice as always to see you made it here Sheila. hugs to all.


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