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Ruby and Tango
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Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Fancy Dress.

First some replies to my previous post

Horst in Edmonton said...

One tried and true plant is the Geranium. I take cutting for next spring that way I don't have to buy any. I have seven cuttings, but I think one will not make it, not enough leaves. The cuttings should have at least 5 leaves, that way you are assured they will survive. You can put them in water or with rooting powder into a pot of Peet Moss. Make sure to keep the Peet Moss moist until you see some growth then water only once a week.
Thank you Horst, the Geranium is one plant I always have in my garden every year, they are so easy and reliable, but, I don’t have your obvious success of keeping them from cuttings, they just rot, maybe our climate is just too damp in winter, though I may try your method which is new to me.  If it fails  I will buy more next spring  as they aren’t expensive.

chancythegardner said...

I seem to do best with marigolds, petunias and geraniums. A friend is supposed to send me some morning glory seeds so I will try my hand at those next season. I will be looking forward to seeing all your pictures. Hugs

Hi there and thanks for comment, and I agree with your choice of plants,  they will be in the garden next year, I tried Morning Glory, the colour is just amazing isn’t it. But that is another I had no success with, Sad smile

Here I Am/Carrie said...

This year I put the little plastic sticks next to my new types of flowers I got this year. Now at the end of the season I look at the plant and decide to I want this again if yes pull the little plastic discription and will take it with me next spring so I only get what worked well. I know I also get all excited and want to bring home everything that is flowering. But my growing conditions are so unnormal that I really have to watch it. In my beds I stick with all perinnials. I am still gardening as I moved all my tomatoes and a bunch of my potted flowers down to the greenhouse. I just hate to see the die. Hope you are enjoying the fall and your shoulder is doing better.
1 November 2011 03:32

Hi Carrie, That sounds a good idea and one worth remembering as I know I’m bound to give in and buy something new because it looks so nice. I put all my Fuchsias round the back and in the shelter of a big tub on it’s side, first time I’ve done this, so I hope it saves them.
My shoulder has been a bit easier for two days, so i’m keeping my fingers crossed..Thanks for calling.

Terry's Tete-a-tete said...

The plants you see in stores always look so inviting but so far I've resisted. Though I have plenty of yard the way we use it as a family would not be conducive to adding anymore.
You are better than I am Terry, but not having any young family visiting I haven’t got that deterrent,  and the dogs have their own space. but I’ll try and be good next year, or at least not go over the top.
Thanks also for calling and leaving comments.
This is the easiest way I’ve thought on how to reply to comments, just cut and paste.
Here is the ghoulish photo of the witch, The night was not bad, not as well attended as we’d hoped, but we always make the most of our little ‘do’s’  The next official one is St Andrews day , but we have a celebration birthday lunch before then.
witch 1
Meet my friend
I’m not really very scary, am I.?
That’s all for now folks


  1. Nope your face it much too pretty to be scary...nice costume though. Hugs

  2. You make a very pretty witch Arlene!!

  3. Great Halloween photo of you. Arlene, when you cut the Geranium make sure you cut the stem at an angle, that way you have a larger opening of the tubes that supply water to the upper leaves. The rooting hormone encourages the roots to grow much faster.

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