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Friday, 3 February 2012

East or West

In Britain we are accused of being obsessed by the weather. and, yes, it’s probably true., but when you live on an island in the latitude that we do the weather is so diverse you just have to keep an eye on it to plan your life, |We can get three seasons in a day far less a year.
One saying is ‘Rain before seven, dry by eleven’ well it’s not always true, but often it is. The temperature can vary by as much as ten degrees in two days. It’s anything but dull.
BUT, my main reason for posting this is the fact that where I live seldom gets a mention in the weather report. They tell you Wales and the West all the way up to Bristol, and South East to Kent and England and as far up as Lincoln I live bang in the middle of the East/West divide way down on the south coast, ten minutes and you drop off the cliff and into the Channel, but do they mention CENTRAL Southern England ? no ! so do we follow what is happening in Wales or Kent? which could be rain in one and bright sunshine in the other. Do I wear a bikini    bikinior take a brolly,? th_brolly
They have forecast snow on Sat eve sunday morning, but they’re not sure exactly how far along the coast it’s going with a snow.rain divide. so perhaps I should add snow boots to my wardrobe th_bootssnow
Oh well i’m as wise as you are, so i’ll let you know after the weekend what Mother Nature threw at me. Take care and keep warm and dry, or if you’r lucky enough to have sun, don’t get burned.
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  1. I hope you don't get snow this weekend. Rain is scheduled for us.

  2. It rained here last night Arlene temp not bad 6c , hope you haven't got any snow. Hugs Sheila and Wile-e xx

  3. Nope, no snow, and like Sheila we had rain, and the temperature rose to about 5 degrees to-day, downside was that the ground had thawed and was a bit mucky, Never satisfied are we :-) Hugs to both of you friends and of course dear Wile-e XX


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