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Ruby and Tango
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Friday, 13 April 2012

A few Pics

What a day we had yesterday, it started off nice and sunny, typical April, blue skies, fluffy clouds with a slight breeze, I washed the dog's bedding and hung it on the line, then decided to bake some bread and a coffee sponge,    ahhhh,  life can be so pleasant, ...UNTIL................ I glanced out of the window and saw  silver streaks of rain falling on my washing.....eeeeeek, I ran out to rescue it, then within minutes when .........Boom, bang, and flash, thunder, lightening and torrential rain, what a racket, I unplugged the PC to be safe,  poor Ruby was cowering under a chair, Tango, bless him, is so deaf now he couldn't hear anything, not that it's ever bothered him much. It started around 2.30 pm and lasted all afternoon,Poor Ruby wouldn't eat her tea nor go to the loo.  Around 6 pm it looked like it might have improved, and I gave a tentative thought I just might venture out with the dogs, but when I looked at the sky to the west  it was black as a witch's hat, so thought the better of it, thank heavens I did. It really kicked in with hail to add to the drama. The storm was right overhead.   Well, there was no way I was going out in that, even if the dogs had been willing.
 In the local news that evening they reported it was apparently it  freak weather round the south coast, we even had a twister near Winchester.
However I'd been sorting out some photos of Chewton Bunny for my next posting but this one jumped in.
Here are the pictures, sorry they are a bit out of synch, but as the sun is still shining I want to get outside and do some tidying up, catch you all later.

There used to be old railway sleepers as steps, then they ripped  them out and replaced them with this horrible metal monstrosity, so out of keeping with the site, they have now replaced them with the wooden ones at the back, much better, though I still preferred the old sleepers.

Here are the horrible metal steps, but there was quite a lot of objection they had to replace them.
Here is the original style of steps with Barney and Ruby

                                              The newer steps are at the back, not brilliant, but an improvement

I think this is one of the prettiest views

A pretty flower, but I get too much of it in my garden this time of the year

One of the old hand made seats with a nice view of the sea

Wood anemone also known as Windflower, such a pretty name.
They are abundant all down the paths at this time of year.

This was about 5 pm  a couple of weeks ago, it's very dark down the Bunny with no lighting and high trees.

This is very much like the common I wrote about that got burned down, the vegetation was as thick.

This was taken last year, they're just breaking open now

This is a bit further on my walk, but the daffs are so pretty I just had to include them.

The pretty dog violet is also very prolific, unfortunately it has no perfume unlike the Parma violet, but a pretty flower.

This is a view overlooking the sea looking East, the 'spoilt' caption was because they [the faceless council] were hoping to build a skate park and BMX biking run on this ground, luckily we got enough signatures to get it stopped. Many of the seats along the paths are in memory of a deceased relative and it was a favourite view. they should be left there forever if needs be.

The branches are just starting to show a slight haze of green now

This is as it says, the view from under the old bridge leading off down the right to the sea about  a mile 

Came across this adder the other week, in the twenty + years I've stayed here it's the first I've seen, though I've been told they are on the cliff paths. it was about 7" long so quite young.

Thank you for visiting and please come back, Arlene, Tango and Ruby


  1. what an adventure! and what a lovely place! i so enjoyed being included because of all the pics. looks like the dogs had fun too. wish mine were that well mannered ... ;S

    as for the steps ... seems with all the replacements and do overs, there are still just as many!

    1. Hi Kirsten thanks for coming with me on our walk, nice one isn't it. My dogs are pretty well mannered, but that's because they have been trained to be so.
      The metal steps were awful apart from being metal, they were just so straight and unwelcoming, I must admit by putting them at angles make them much more user friendly. even Tango can manage them and he's getting on a bit.

  2. Boy, that sounds like quite a storm. Poor dogs. I love the pictures, except that last one. Snakes give the yucks.

    1. Hi Terry, nice to see you, and glad you enjoyed the pics, a little insight into my world. Poor snakes, they do get a bad press.

  3. I am glad you and the dogs survived the storm. I enjoyed the pics but I have to agree with Terry; snakes are creepy. xx

    1. Hi Beth thanks for calling, and for enjoying the pics. I find snakes fascinating, but wouldn't want one as a bed mate. LOL

  4. Lovely post Arlene and the Fab photo's giving us an insight to your World. Storm not here just a heavy downpour mid afternoon. My sister rang to say they had an awful storm also. Sure hope it has improved today for you and the Gals. Not a bad Morning here cool Bright with Sunshine, but you never know what's around the corner. Clouds building up all the time.. Hope you have a Lovely Weekend
    Hugs Sheila and Wile-e xx

    1. Thank you Sheila and Wile-e The weather has improved thankfully, to-day has been dry, sunny though a tad chilly, The weather just seems to be all over the place isn't it. Week-end is a busy one, so I thought if I don't do some replies now, they'll get put way down the list. thanks for calling. hugs to both from we 3 XX

  5. HoooOOOOWWWWLLLLLooooo :) Wolfie dropping in...was just eyeing up rather dubiously your earlier post with the photos of maggots! Yuch! Did you have to post that? lol I'd just eaten!!

    You certainly attract some freak weather round your way! Poor Ruby, I had a dog like that...completely flipped out in thunderstorms. Enjoyed the walk though! :)

  6. Hi my furry grey friend nice of you drop by, hope it wasn't a wasted journey even though you don't appreciate how I feed my feathered friends, I'll flag up a warning in future ;-)Poor Ruby isn't very happy to-day either, it's blowing a hooly with lashing rain, had to be really firm to get her out for toilet purposes, she's gone back to bed now. Now that you've found your way maybe I'll see you more often????


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