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Ruby and Tango
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Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Drama on cliff

There was a nit of drama in the cliffs where I walk the dogs, I heard the fire engines wailing as I went on my walk, and then another, when I got to the bottom of the Chewton Bunny I saw the engines and various other response vehicles,

Apparently a woman 's dog went up on to the cliffs on the left and she went to rescue it, after all the heavy rain there are a lot of areas of sludgy soft mud quite deep in places and pretty dangerous. She got stuck and was lucky that someone heard her shout, it could have been a different story had no one been around.
Hardly a week goes by in the summer when the rescue response is called out. I don't think they put enough warning notices out, especially not saying just how dangerous the cliffs are, Besides the slurry ponds, they are inclined to shift and cause landslides. 
Well that's all for now folks, keep safe, and if You ever come down this way, keep off Barton Cliffs.

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  1. I am glad the woman was rescued. I promise to keep off Barton Cliffs. ;-) xx

  2. I to am glad the woman was rescued Arlene , not enough signs as you say. Stay safe and I hope you don't see anymore of these incidents on your walks.
    Hugs Sheila and Wile-e xx

  3. I'm a bit concerned about the dog, but if it's not in the local paper this weekend, I won't know :-(

  4. happy ending then! good. people just dont think all too often. there are two mountains here that get people every year, becasue of the sudden weather changes. much harder rescues too. not alwasy successfull.
    glad this one was a good ending for woman and dog.

  5. I read in the local paper to-day that she was up to her waist, the dog stayed by her side and both were rescued. She was a visitor and got caught by the tide.

  6. Oh my that must have been terrifying for her , glad it all turned out well for them.
    Sheila xx


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