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Ruby and Tango
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Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Garden gossip

Just a short post about the garden doings, On Sunday evening the security light came on around 9.30 pm, I thought it may have been next door cat, but when I looked out there were two hedgehogs sauntering up the path, well not exactly sauntering one was nudging the other up the garden path, if you see what I mean, I jumped up to get the camera and dashed outside to take a photo or two, By this time they had made it to the top of the path, but froze when they spotted or smelt or heard me, whatever hedgehogs do best here they are.
Give's a kiss

No way I'm off

She's gone I can't believe it

I suppose I'd better catch her.

This moth was on the outside of the window and I thought I'd try my hand at some eye popping didn't quite work did it? LOL
To-day I thought I'd best mow the lawns as they'd been neglected for a couple of weeks, just over half way through the lawn mower starte making strange noises, I do admit it had been screeching a bit last time, I ignored it for a while, Then I thought maybe some oil would work, a wrong move as when i started it up, smoke cfame billowing out of the sides and underneath, what a smell, I switched the electrics off quick and said good bye to the mower, I had to finish the lawn off with the strimmer, and that was hard work, By the end my arms and back ached, but I got the job done.
To-day I had to go and buy a new mower, not an expensive one, as I'd had my car serviced on Monday at a cost of £190, so I'm on a budget now for a while. 
Take care all.

Thank you for visiting and please come back, Arlene, Tango and Ruby


  1. We have a lot of those critters here too. We call them ground hogs and they can get huge in size. You got some very good pictures of them and I think the butterfly is lovely! xx

    1. Hi Beth, I'm afraid we are losing a lot of them , loss of habitat, motor cars, and people paving gardens, a whole catalogue of things against them, another name for them here is hedge-pigs. It was a moth, we don't have butterflies at night. Thanks for calling. X

  2. Wild animals are always exciting, but we never have those cute little ones.
    The butterfly photo looks like an optical illusion, like it's in an aquarium, interesting.
    I hope Tango is well. Ruby looks happy with her Mom.
    Sorry about the lawnmower.

  3. I like the butterfly photo. Sorry about your mower. Just glad you didn't get hurt with the flames and all. Mechanical things do then to give us a bit of trouble.

  4. I haven't seen a hedgehog this year Arlene , where have they all gone. So I enjoyed seeing yours oh and that Moth. Lawnmower making a noise that sounds familiar!!
    Off on a visit to my sister's tomorrow catch you later
    Hope you are ok and the Gals.
    Hugs Sheila xx

    1. Hi Sheila, we're quite lucky with hedgehogs, as you probably know they're declining fast, so i feel very privileged that they make a home here, I hope it continues a long time.
      Have a lovely time at your sister's and i'll hope to hear from you when your return.

  5. Oh these guys are so cute looking. wonderful captures. It can be hard to get them in the dark. Yes I have to mow my lawn one more time this season. We are having a heat wave during the day and frost at night. Have a wonderful week. I am off to a wedding and seeing family in a couple days and will be gone for a week. Hugs Carrie

  6. Hi Carrie nice to see you. thanks for appreciating my photo attempts, I try :-) I haven't even unpacked the new lawn mower, We had a very cold morning but not exactly a heat wave during the day, a chilly wind keeps the temp down.
    Enjoy your wedding and family get together, now that's exciting. Hugs from we three.{{{0}}}


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