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Ruby and Tango
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Wednesday, 19 September 2012

The weather etc.

Hi all just a brief visit from me, [now where have I heard that before]
We've had a dry spell for some time apart from a rainy night, and it's getting colder, I'd vowed I wouldn't put on my heating till the end of September, but I'm afraid i had to succumb this morning,it was about 4 degrees, I just didn't want to take off my jammies in that temp., but I did, honest, when it warmed up.
The day was bright and warmed up slightly but we have a cold wind, it's hard to believe that less than a week ago i was judging at a dog show and had on a thin blouse, The great British Weather is truly so versatile.
I haven't unpacked my new lawn mower yet as I can't work up excitement for that sort of thing, I could get excited over a new pair of sheets in comparison. 
I went to Art class tis afternoon, but I don't think i'll go back to that one as they aren't a very friendly lot. There's another I used to attend, much friendlier crowd, though a bit farther away. 
I joined a club to learn how to play Mah Jong, I've been twice so far and thoroughly enjoyed it, I thought it would be like what we have on the computer, No, No, nothing like it at all, so much more interesting and absorbing, It might keep the old brain ticking over. I think that's it for now folks. I've eaten way too much cake the past couple of days and don't feel I ought to have any tea. Byeeee
Thank you for visiting and please come back, Arlene, Tango and Ruby


  1. The nights are getting cold here as well, but the days are still pretty good. Hope it stays warm till Christmas.

  2. And beyond Horst, many of our poor flowers won't survive the cold. Keep well my friend

  3. Our nights are getting cooler, about 48 last night. I didn't have the heat on nor today either.

  4. That is cold Gr Gran, about 9 degrees in our language, The cost of heating the house now is just so expensive, you have to think twice, but I think it's a disgrace, considering the obscene profits the utilities make. I didn't put the heating on to-day as it was a tad warmer, or maybe I'm just becoming acclimatised. Keep well XX

  5. Cold in WI too and I'm not thrilled at all. Winter can takes it's sweet time as far as I'm concerned.

    Joined a ceramics class once and though many of the women were friendly, the instructo knew I worked at the school and was always trying to get me to give dirt on the teachers. Had to be very careful about every word lest she take it wrong. Her boys were brats and she was always looking for a way to lay the blame elsewhere. Made two projects and quit.

  6. If I ruled the world I'd vote for summer 8 months spring one autumn two and winter one and rain only during the night.
    I think the problem is with some of these clubs is the new girl is cold shouldered., and you've to be careful you're not being set up. Or am I cynical. LOL

  7. Hi Arlene I just hope we don't get a freezing winter , like the one before last. Funny you should say that about your class. I tried to join a art class a few years ago. They were quite an friendly bunch , hasten to add I didn't return.
    Happy to hear Tango is doing as well bless him.
    Hugs to you and the Gals.
    Sheila xx

  8. Hi Sheila, you and me both, I don't thiI'm going to-morrow as they have a demo, and it will give me great pleasure to snub the madam that snubbed me last week. LOL XX


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