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Ruby and Tango
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Thursday, 13 December 2012


On TV last night was a fascinating programme 'Miniature Britain'  It was to show off the latest in Micro photography, it was real down to grass level and below, Tiny little creatures getting on with the business of living their own lives. It took you right inside the depths of flowers
 I was enthralled by the bugs that inhabit our beds, and no, I don't mean the ones that you normally hear about, these are the totally unseen little creatures that feast on the dead skin cells that we a shed during our time in bed, The narrator had his lunch consisting of some cheese and he took pictures of the cheese mites that infest the rind, he said they helped add to the flavour, and proceeded to munch into it, I do admit to feeling a bit uncomfortable at that, Pass the quick bowl
I know that the garden needs worms to keep the soil fertile, but to be told that good soil is simply worm poo and be shown close ups of it being manufactured was cringingly interesting.
He suffered being stung by ants and bees to show us the close-ups of their jaws and actions of stings.
Television at it's best, Lord above school was never this interesting.
The weather here is cold, cold, very very cold. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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  1. EEK!! I would not have wanted to watch that TV show. Not good for the digestion I would think!

  2. I don't think that would be something I could watch at length! We haven't gotten really cold here, but I will welcome it. Have a good weekend, Arlene.

  3. I started watching it Arlene but couldn't carry on Ekk!!
    Loved Attenborough 60 years just Brilliant.
    Hope you are getting sorted for Christmas , love to you and Ruby.

  4. Hi girls, I do agree it was a bit cringie, especially the bugs that were associated with we humans.
    It's got milder here, but raining hard. I too loved Attenborough's 60 years Sheila, in fact he is a genius at all thay stuff. Take care and hugs to all.

  5. Hi, sweet Arlene! Was thinking about you today and wanted to stop by and leave you hugs. Thank you for your sweet and comforting comment about my sweet Angel. Thinking of you my sweet friend and remembering you in my prayers. Love hugs and nose kisses for you all.

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  7. Hiya Arlene. Yes i saw that program, couldn't stop scratching afterwards. lol But what made me think was, all these little bugs, "have other bugs living on them" I am off to Sweden for a few weeks. So popped in to wish you a very merry x/mas and a happy New year, in advance.
    Take care my friend.

  8. Hi I just popped by to wish you and Ruby a very Happy Christmas and New Year :) xxxx

  9. Oh I love shows like that. Sound real facinating. Worm casting are actually good for many uses. We use them to dust our chicken for a natural way to keep mites away. Oh but I didn't know there were critters lurking still in my food. Wishing you a blessed New Year. I will be heading south in a few weeks and won't have internet for 3 months. Oh I have so much to try and get done here on the internet and closing house and packing. Take care Hugs Carrie


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