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Ruby and Tango
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Saturday, 29 December 2012

Catch up'

Hello all, I thought I'd try and get my brain in gear and come back to this blog, my excuses;   I have been busy, I haven't got anything to say, I just couldn't be bothered, take your pick.
Christmas has come and gone, all in a twinkling, I have had better Christmases, but I'm  not going into details, let's just say that I hope fervently that the next one will be better.
I went to Arlene's [my older daughter] where we had a nice family meal with  my little 4 year old Great Grandson Tommy taking the stage., it was probably the first Christmas he was really aware of. His presents got opened one after the other in rapid succession, without really noting what they were, but no doubt when the excitement dies down he will get the pleasure from them that was intended.
I stayed over, and on Boxing day  the rest of the family came for tea, Martin [Arlene's hubbby] myself and Tommy took the dogs for a long walk in Wareham Forest in the afternoon hoping it would tire him out, no chance, he was bright as a button for the rest of the day till I left for home at 7 pm.
Today I eventually managed to catch up with my friend Nicky, after a nice lunch and exchanging presents we took the dogs for a walk at Bolton's Bench in Lyndhurst, New Forest, it was pretty boggy underfoot and it rained, so, what's new ?? but we had a good catch up chatter.
Earlier in the day I took Ruby for a walk down on the beach, it was blowing a gale with a rough sea, but at least it was dry. here are a couple of pics.
Home and nice long bath quick cuppa and sitting down to watch the box.
I hope everyone had a nice Christmas, with nice acceptable presents, and hope that the ones you gave were well received.

The waves weren't particularly high, but it was pretty rough and restless, 
not one for boating or swimming !

 This Kestrel had a job keeping himself steady in the wind
This is one on a better day just before Christmas with my friend Sue 
and her dogs.

Thank you for visiting and please come back, Arlene, Tango and Ruby


  1. Arlene, I see that you have no snow in the photo. Here we have had snow about 2 times a week and some really dreary sky's. Looks like you, your dogs and your friend are having a great time. Have a Happy New Year.

  2. Happy New Year to a great friend. xx

  3. Sorry to hear your Christmas wasn't as good as some! Hopefully things will get better for you as we start the new year. Wow, lots of doggies in that one pic! Are they all hers? She has her hands full I must say! Have a good week and bring in a happy and healthy new year!

  4. Hi Horst, no, no snow as yet here, but rain.rain and more rain, we're sick of it. Lovely to see you Hope your Christmas was a good one. X

  5. Hi Sandie and Beth, nice to see you drop by too, The four dogs on the rocks are Sue's the one in the corner is Barney the one I take for walks and Ruby was probably behind me.
    I too hope next year will be better, have a good week yourselves. I will send New Years Greetings after Tuesday as Scottish custom dictates, ots of hugs to you both XX

  6. Gone another Christmas sorry to hear your's wasn't as good as past years Arlene . But glad you and your friend managed a walk, looks pretty gloomy out there. And has been here for a long time now, Sun what's that!!Maybe we will get some in Jan 2013.
    Then we can take Lucy to the Beach and a long walk.
    Hope you are enjoying your Weekend , Sheila xx

  7. Glad you had a wonderful Christmas. Oh how nice it must be to walk along the waters. I am sure the dogs just love it.


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