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Ruby and Tango
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Sunday, 30 December 2012

I'm back again.

Thank you for visiting and please come back, Arlene, Tango and Ruby
Well Christmas is fast fading into a memory, I do hope it was the magical time it's supposed to be for everyone.
To-day I took the cards down, I got annoyed with them falling off the window ledge everytime I drew the curtains, well that's my excuse, I just wanted to make a start on tidying up, I took down a little bit of tinsel that I had on the kitchen window, That'll suffice for now.
Today after a good long walk with Ruby I had an early lunch then set to doing some tidy up and mending chores. I have a double porch on the side with one as the main entrance  the other is used for the dog's clutter, plus coats, shoes, vacuum cleaner etc. and anything that is regarded as 'just stuff', The freezer and microwave are out there so there are a few electric outlets for lamp, radio etc., which needed tidying up, That was the first job. I fixed the extension leads on the the wall about four feet off the ground, job done. I then  set to in having a general tidy up as things do tend to get just sort of dumped instead of being put where they belong.
I am a bit of a hoarder, or maybe a scrooge, depending on how you look at things, I just hate throwing anything away, I hang on to bits of string, old magazines, glasses that are broken, I have two pairs of sunglasses, with broken legs.  I put every rusty nail and screw in the tool box, odd wheels off ??? I don't know what , but they may just come in useful one day, I hang on to old dusters and even facecloths, ideal for wiping the dog's feet, [my dog is not big and I only have one] . Heaven only knows how many dried up biros, maybe I'm hoping they'll re-liquidise.
Now don't get the wrong end of the stick, I have not got a house like Steptoe's yard, it is quite clean and fairly tidy, my clutter is usually in cupboards or drawers, sometimes boxes, BUT I am going to try and be ruthless and de-clutter. The garden shed is next.,  Anybody got a spare day and are down south??


  1. I am constantly cleaning out closets and drawers and sending stuff to Goodwill. xx

  2. I am also I don't like to hang on to Junk, always passing stuff onto the Charity shops or GSD cHARITY SHOP.
    I mean to get stuck in again after the Holidays have passed.
    Happy New Year Good health and luv to you and Ruby.
    Sheila xx

  3. Thanks for the cards they were lovely..
    I whispered a prayer
    For someone so dear
    Wishing peace and hope
    For a very, very
    Happy New Year+++++++++
    Hugs Jude++++++++++++++

  4. Happy New Year to you all. We hope that 2013 brings nothing but wonderful things to you. Hugs and nose kisses

  5. Good luck on the de-clutter mode. I need to do that so much. Doesn't help when the hubby is a pack-rat too. You have a Happy New Year.

  6. Well yesterday I took all the rest of the Christmas lights and tree down. I began the day after Christmas packing a few things away. Then today washed all my floors. Or I should say 1/2 my floors as hubby had to take over after I had been at it for 3 hours and had many problems like my mop broke and I ended up on my hand and knees. A big no no for my back. Anyway I am just so happy to get it done. Hope you get in lots of wonderful walks in the New Year. Hugs Carrie

  7. Better late than never ;) Thanks for the beautiful card :) I hope to be around a bit more this year but it may not be till next month when hopefully the latest nightmare I have inflicted on myself has been resolved happily. If it doesn't turn out the way I hope I'm in serious mega trouble. Right now I'm struggling to keep the head above water and it would help if I didn't have such an active imagination too! I've been stupid Arlene, and I'm paying with mental and emotional turmoil so please excuse me if I haven't been around for a while and don't get back too much for another few weeks. I haven't forgotten you :) x

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