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Ruby and Tango
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Monday, 25 February 2013

I'm not writing about the weather

Because we're all sick of it.
Yesterday was Sunday, I know that cos to-day is Monday,
I was going to blog about to-day but nothing much has happened, but as things did happen yesterday I'll tell you about that instead.
For some months I've not been able to lock my back door in cold weather, so last winter I bought a couple of door chains and used them instead. Gradually the front door lock also started to seize up and I had to stop using it. It could get a bit embarrassing having to ask visitors to use the back door, like they were hawkers or something, it leads into my back porch, where I keep all the dog stuff , plus shoes and coats, you know the kind of place. I'd tried graphite, WD40 candle wax and oil, but the locks just completely jammed.
Eventually I asked Ross, my grand-daughter Sarah's boy friend if he would come and fit new locks as he's good at that sort of thing being a builder. I also asked Martin my son on law if he would also come and help out fitting some new fence panels,as they were getting a bit rickety, and my  neighbour had backed into two of them [denied]. He not only did that but pruned a lot of rather overgrown holly and Jasmine. It was a freezing cold day so some warm food with hot soup helped keep them from freezing. that home baking comes in handy.
Not the most interesting of logs I agree, but it kept one old lady happy knowing that the doors were secure at night and I had a bit of pleasure going back and forth trying out the different ways I could go in and out, also in case I shut the front door while it's still on the latch and lock myself out. but I'll sort it.
Ruby's asleep right now but I'm going to have to wake her up to go for her walk, It's my dancing night tonight, and we'll have to kick our heels high to help keep warm,.

Thank you for visiting and please come back, Arlene, Tango and Ruby


  1. Oh Arlene glad you got sorted out in the end. Winter weathet plays funny tricks on the frames and locks. So it perhaps was a good idea getting locks sorted out.
    Good to be back computer man was here an hour , and happy with my new one. Got people coming over tonight so will sign off now. Enjoy your dancing sounds like fun.
    Hugs Sheila x

  2. By The way love your new backdrop looking really good.

  3. Hi Arlene

    This is a great post....there is nothing worse than not being able to lock doors properly specially if you live on your own, so glad you got it all sorted

    Love the look of that Cherry cake Simon loves cherry anything so might make it

    Lo xxx

  4. Hi Sheila, nice to see you back here and helping swell my huge number of friends ;-) there's plenty of space. Glad you got your computer sorted and hope you too will be back blogging. hope you too had a good night with friends. Dancing was good fun as usual. hugs to you, and if I may ask how is madam Lucy? X
    Yeah, nice background isn't it, I can't take credit for making it, just the display. :-)

  5. Hello to you also Lo thanks for enjoying the post, and yes it is sensible if nothing else to get the locks sorted, but there are always more interesting things to do, isn't there. There are 3 pieces of cherry cake left, so be quick. X
    have you sorted your blog out yet?


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