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Friday, 22 February 2013

Cherry cake recipe

Beth asked for the recipe for my Cherry cake, here it is

Hi Beth yes as you guessed it is a Cherry cake, actually cherry and almond. here's the recipe for my old Jean Balfour book I bought in 1960

4 oz butter or margarine
4 oz caster sugar
2 eggs
7 oz plain flour
1 teaspoon baking powder
2 oz ground almonds
2 oz glace cherries
about 1.1/2 tablespoons milk

Cream butter and sugar tog well
Beat the eggs and sift flour with b. powder
Quarter and dust cherries with flour.
Add eggs to creamed mixture a little at a time and beat well.
Add flour with gr almonds and cherries.
Add the milk to make a fairly moist consistency.
Line and grease a 7" cake tin and add the mixture
Bake in slow oven just below the middle for appr 1.1/2 hours
3 or C or 350 F, 170 C.
decorate top if wanted.

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  1. That sounds so good! Thank you Arlene. xx

  2. Thank you for the recipe Arlene. Will give it a try when I get some time.

  3. My mum loves Cherry Cake so I am definitely going to do this for her. She used to bake a lot but not so much now, her Dundee Cake was fantastic. Sadly home baking has fallen by the wayside nowadays, probably because of the expense over ready made.

  4. It's a denser cake than your sponge will be Anne, owing to the ground almonds, but I find it quite a satisfying munch. I've got several recipe books including mary's but this old Jean Balfour one is just so straightforward I keep going back to it, as it's getting rather tatty I went online and found it, it's for sale in Amazon £7.34 in Abe books used If I was younger I'd be tempted to buy it.
    I don't think home baking is more expensive on the whole than shop bought, but I suppose it depends on what you're buying. BTW It's got a fantastic Dundee cake and the best Shortbread I've ever made.

  5. Oh thats handy I was actually thinking of baking a cake this weekend Arlene , I may just give this a try very soon. The kitchen is going to be out of bounds next week a few repairs needed in there.
    Hugs Sheila xx


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