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Ruby and Tango
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Sunday, 8 September 2013

The Weather

Hasn’t this been a fantastic summer? with temperatures averaging 28 degrees since early July, Some days have been so heart achingly beautiful, I have just lost myself in the sheer glory of warmth and sun. Island with a palm tree

To-day , well, what a change, a drop of about 10 degrees with heavy burst of rain and gusts of wind. Sad smile As I speak the sun has peeped out to say Hi ,………. please stay., but he won’t.

I got up early this morning to take the dogs out planning to walk down the Bunny to the beach,  even though a big black cloud  loomed up from the west, I got out of the car walked about 100 yards  and  splash ! down it came.Storm cloud we hung around under the tree canopy for a while with rain dripping off the trees, joggers and other dog walkers passed by soaked, It eased slightly so we carried on, but it was not pleasant, I had a couple of sojourns up and down the bunny keeping under the trees.

I was hoping to pick some more blackberries but that was a no no, I hope to get some more before they finish, and stock up the freezer, for some lovely Apple/Blackberry crumble in winter. Mmmmm

We’ve had a real glut of butterflies during the heatwave, mostly whites, I let my Nasturtiums self seed each year and they love it for laying eggs., I planted a new Buddleia, a deep purple, but it hasn’t done as well as the self sown  shrubs that are alive with butterflies. I’ve a good mind to ask for my money back.

Anyhow I’ve rambled on long enough. Please, please Mr Sun  don’t leave us yet, or it’s going to be a long miserable winter, and after last year’s I don’t think I could take it, Crying face

Lotsa luv from me and Ruby, oh and Barney, he’s here for his holidays till Wednesday.


  1. Hi Arlene yes it's pretty much the same here , a wee bit chilly to. Loved the Summer just sitting outside or gardening warmth lovely. Hello Ruby and Barney good playmates I take it .Butterflies oh don't you just love them , and yes loads of white's this year. I think maybe fingers crossed the wet is Monday , and drier after that.Hope so anyway too much to soon.
    Hugs Sheila x :)

  2. Weather been a little funny here too. First it's really hot, then in drops and goes up again. Cooler now but heat coming back for a bit. I guess Mother Nature is trying to make everybody happy. Could use a little bit more rain though.

  3. Oh, gosh, it's good to get back to see you! Yes, I know you emailed, but then my entire computer crashed. I am at my wits end since everything was on it --- every picture I had of past and present, all bill paying, all banking, AND all email. I lost it all. Well, let's say I'm still hoping as the repair shop is trying to recover what they can. I had to fork over a huge amt of money to buy a new setup but now I'm on Windows 8 (used to be XP) and really struggling to learn it, it's SO different. Arlene, I went back to your trip blog and found it fascinating. Had to be great even with the beggars, etc. The photo made me want to be there.
    Two things: first, email me at my regular email addy so that I can put you into my address book, and then, Second: don't be upset if I don't write back yet, as I have an appointment with a surgeon tomorrow to set up a double surgery (maybe 3 of them) and will be a bit out of commission until I recuperate. Hernia, gallbladder, and flap in esophagus. Large hernia must be removed and so must my gallbladder. Flap might take care of itself after the other 2. I'll know more later. Been in much pain for a long time but SO glad to find out why. They think it's even the cause of my breathing problems as both parts are very enlarged and pressing back onto my lungs. I am really looking forward to being fixed up.
    Lastly, my family on my mother's side was from Scotland. A number of last names, of course, but 1 was Gregor. Know the clan?
    Ok, have to close out for now, but really glad to get back in touch. Will add you back to my email when I hear from you. Just as a side note, I used to have close to 100 in my address book and have only found 8 of them in the last few days. Whew, what an ordeal.
    Later, sweets :D BIG hug to you.

  4. Thank you ladies, for your comments.


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