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Ruby and Tango
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Sunday, 5 January 2014

More stuff

Blogging again, my that's three in a week, not bad for me, Now, what else have I been doing? Baking, it's something I do when I have nothing else to do, because I'm bored, can't get out and it warms the house up at the same time.
I made a plain Victoria sponge the other day, and it was not very successful, but edible, I forgot to put the sugar in and added it after. but i think I've mentioned that, Also I noticed that some of my stuff was not rising, and decided to check the stability of the cooker, and yes it was listing at the back., the front legs were sitting on carpet but the back wasn't, so  I hauled it out and put a piece of carpet under the feet, at the same time I found a butter knife, two measuring spoons, a teaspoon, plus a fair bit of fluff.
I then bought two new cake tins and fresh baking powder, and the ext sponge was an improvement.
Yesterday I made Dorset Apple cake, I got the recipe from the internet as I'd lost my old one. It was quite an expensive cake but turned out not bad, but just a little bit wet, the recipe included the juice of a lemon, and I think half would have been better, never mind it tasted very nice, it's been frozen down with the Victoria sponge for treats.
The weather was dry when I took Ruby for her walk this morning, and we were gone almost two hours, but Guess what? yup it's raining again. so looks like a wet evening stroll.
Our dancing club starts back tomorrow and I must say I'm not sorry, I haven't spoken to a soul for almost a week, People are just too busy nowadays to be bothered. oh well, I'm not the first and won't be the last, take care all and wrap up warm.

Thank you for visiting and please come back, Arlene, Tango and Ruby


  1. I do the same thing! I bake when I am bored and want to fill the hours.
    The weather here is crappy and miserable. I hope your rain and my snow stop soon. xx

  2. Just don't eat all you bake Beth LOL though it can be tempting. keep warm and thanks for visiting.

  3. Just got some groceries today, the temp is around -30 C but it was not to bad to go out. Thank goodness it is a dry cold here in western Canada. You keep warm and dry Arlene. When I'm bored I go to work on my computer.

    1. I'd heard on the news you're expecting some pretty cold weather, I don't envy you Horst, I can't stand the cold, keep warm if you can, and I've been on this computer a lot more since being indoors more , off out with Ruby now while it's dry. Take care XX

  4. I read when I'm bored. Wouldn't dare bake as I have no will power and just the thought of baked goods adds 5 pounds.


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