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Ruby and Tango
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Monday, 6 January 2014


My approx ten year old washing machine has finally given up the ghost, or part of it, sigh,  I put washing in yesterday and wanted it on a high spin but it wouldn't work, I tried the lower spin, it wouldn't work either, I tried several programmes and they filled the machine up, but when it came to the spin it just didn't want to know, SIGH, At first I was going to get the mechanic guy out but thought the better of it as it is old and was second hand when I bought it, it's served me quite well so she,[ it must be a she,] can go to the washing machine's graveyard with a clear conscience. Now I've go the hassle of getting a new one with all the installation gubbins that comes with it. another SIGH
I have a half load of dripping washing hanging over the bath, an even bigger SIGH.

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  1. Hope you get your new washer soon Arlene.
    Did you enjoy your Dance Club on Monday Evening.
    That's one of your shots I see, very pretty . Was it 2011/2012?
    Hugs Sheila x

    1. Hi Sheila sorry I missed this comment, Yes I now have the new washer, it came on Friday, and I've done three good sized loads and am in the process of getting it dried.
      Yes that is one of my photos unfortunately it can't all be seen as it's such a pretty scene, thanks for visiting and comment. Hugs XX


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