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Ruby and Tango
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Monday, 13 October 2014

Of swallows ad things

Out for a walk to the beach this morning with dogs, now that it's free parking till March we all take advantage unless the weather is too evil. This morning was dull and a touch of keenness in the wind, however well wrapped up and time to spare we toddled off for just over an hour.
I thought the Swallows and Martens had gone for the summer,, but no there were lots skimming along the beach picking off insects then soaring up into the sky, they were still feeding young as you could see them touch beaks as they flew past. They are so illusive, one minute there's not one in sight then, zip, one goes soaring past and when you look up there's several more, then they just seem to disappear up into the pine trees. I just love them. Swifts are my favourite, that beautiful scimitar economical shape, just built for the job, unfortunately they've been very sparse down here on the coast. I saw a few in the summer over by the airport, but as I was driving and you can't stop, I couldn't get the full appreciation.
There were lots of crows on the beach, making the most of the debris washed up on shore with the high tide and rough weather. Amazing survivors.  I was making for home just as there was a spit in the air, No gardening to-day either sigh.
Oh well that's it for now

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  1. The weather has indeed changed Arlene , no sight of any Swifts or Housemartin here .
    But quite surprised to see a Dragon fly two days ago. I thought they only loved hot sunny days by the pond.
    No ball playing for Lucy well not today , she loves the garden and her ball.
    Have a lovely week.
    hugs Sheila x

    1. Hello Sheila, thanks for visitng, How lucky to see a drogonfly at this time of the year, I think many creatures have been caught out with the sudden change of weather. Poor Lucy , never mind according to the weathermen the weather will get warmer next week, I hope that means drier, you too have a nice week. XX

  2. The seasons, they are achangin'. Rainy here and temps dropping. This summer we had our first hummingbird and that is over now. Not really looking forward to winter.

    1. Hello there Terry, how lovely to see you haven't forgotten me such a nice surprise.
      Do you mean the very first hummingbird in your home spot ? if so how exciting, let's hope he / she will come back next year.
      I'm not lookig forward to winter either, it lasts too long, is too cold and damp, brrrrrrrr, Keep warm and I'm popping over now, just to see if maybe the humming bird has popped back , as if ! LOL


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