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Ruby and Tango
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Sunday, 12 October 2014

Summer's gone

And what a wonderful one it has been, I'm being greedy here, but I'm going to say it.......It could have lasted longer ! summer is never too long for me, , sunshine and 25 deg at least from January to December is my motto.
Just a bit of catch up, my daughter Arlene and I had a holiday in Scotland with my dancing group, took in the Edinburgh Tattoo sailed across Loch Lomond, visited Stirling, Inverness and several other towns and villages, It was a smashing holiday, and we were so lucky with the weather,Then, for my birthday later that month, my two girls took me for a day out to Hever Castle in Kent, another wonderful day, weather-wise and just sheer pleasure, I am so lucky when it comes to family, couple of photos on here.
Today I decided that as the weather was getting chillier and much wetter with three days and nights of thunderstorms, I decided to start putting the garden to bed, as the weather today was to be nice, HUH, At 2.30 after lunch, armed with secataurs, rakes ,rubbish sacks etc, set forth, by 3 o'clock I had to abandon it as it rained, ! damn and blast, they said it wouldn't come in till this evening after tea,
I snipped the heads off a few geraniums, pulled out Nasturtiums and Aquilegia, trimmed the heather took the tips off a Cotoneaster and an Escallonia and ran for cover
P1010201 (640x480)
Arlene with Hamish the old Highland cow Edinburgh holiday August 2014
P1010231 (640x480)
Self at the falls by Inversnaid Hotel
Driver Loch Achray (488x416)Arlene Self and Karen at Hever Castle 13/8/2014
Birthday treat

Thank you for visiting and please come back, Arlene, Tango and Ruby

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