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Ruby and Tango
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Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Hi and welcome to my blog post, Having been evacuated from Live spaces we all have to find new homes for our natterings, musings, blethers or whatever you wish to call them, well it's going to take a little time to become acquainted with this new home, though to tell the truth I realize I've been here before and started a blog, but that was some time ago and now it's not just for fun it's got to be serious if I want to stay in the social world of cyber-friends. I have also re-opened a blog space in Word Press, where Spaces recommended we take our spiel, so I'm trying the best of both worlds, I will miss Spaces I was comfortable there, or at least till they started on the slippery slope of evicting us, such a waste, so many lovely spaces and so many lovely friends there, nothing else comes close. But, we, and I will have to make the best of what we have and be grateful that at least we have somewhere else to upload our tales. catch you all later I sincerely hope that some of my space friends will follow me to at least one of the new posts. my word press one is Bye,


  1. Hi Arlene, thanks for commenting. I did have my settings set for moderation, but took that off now, I got a little confused there. lol. I'm still getting used to doing things a little bit differently here.
    I accidently deleted the blog that everyone left their comments on, so I still have the comments on a different page, but the blog is deleted, so the comments don't show on my profile page.
    I like your blogspot and I do like your profile pic, very cute. lol
    It's good to see you here. :)

  2. Thanks mini, or is it Robyn [can't get used to these new names] I'm juggling trying to get a wordpress blog going but it's live so here's the addy I'm going to try and keep friends in both camps, Curiosity has been in contact and is up and going, also she has got a few people and their details, Wolfie, Horst LAdy P have gone to WP too off to bed now so catch you later. take care

  3. Hey Arlene, just thought I would leave you a message to tell you where you can find me.

    See you on one or both sites.

  4. Hi Arlene, just call me Robyn, I know it gets confusing, lol, I just put Mini up because I was just kind of going incognito, I'm not sure if our profile names show up on here if we're private or what.

  5. Arlene, just so you know, I've changed my profile name to Robyn and changed my profile pic too. I guess Mini is throwing people off a bit. This way there's no confusion as to who Mini is. lol

  6. Testing as it was disabled earlier

  7. Hi Arlene
    I think i like the look of this better than wordpress so i am going to do my blog on here and cancel wordpress thank you for getting me to look at this
    Hope you will see me here if it all goes right
    I have done it hope to see you there i think you need this so the husband tells me
    Lo xxxx


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