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Saturday, 23 October 2010

Playing Catch up

To-day was pretty much spent trying to catch up with space friends, most of the time was blogging through Blogspot, then went over to WPress to see if there was any interesting blogs from frends.
I still find it a pain trying to play catchup with everyone now, and never seem to know if anyone has replied to comments or not. , especially if they are random posts to a blog you've chanced on and just feel you'd like to add a comment.
Now it's quite probable that strangers don't particularly want or find your comments interesting, so don't bother to reply, or maybe they have replied,  but you just didn't know ' Maybe someone out there knows the answer, even leaving a private message as we used to be able to do in spaces would be a help.
So if you know the answer, let me know


  1. I just discovered someone from spaces left a comment in my guestbook, which I forget to check sometimes. Lo, blogged about going to the dashboard and click on comments and there you find all your comments. I appreciate all the help I can get. It's hard to catch up. I've been on the PC all day. Thanks for visiting Kassey and tell Tango

  2. I like your new look here Arlene.
    I'm not into the blogging thing much anymore, I'm finding it a lot of hassle going here and there to see if anyone's commented or done a new blog.
    I've got my WP open to public and I really hate that but apparantly if it's not set to public, then no one can see it, that's the experience I'm having with it anyway. So I don't want to post pictures of my family on there. None of the public's business really what goes on in my life, I don't mind sharing with my friends though, not that I think anyone would be that interested in it anyhow, it's quite dull at the moment really. lol I'm actually quite blogged out and have nothing to write about at present.
    All for now. :)

  3. It is hard to keep up with everyone anymore. I use the blogger dashboard for blogger posts and I get an email when my wordpress friends post.

  4. I do exactly the same as Beth does.

  5. I do what Beth, Lady Jude does too. I would like to catch up to my other friends, but It seems a lot are still on WL, just a guess or FB.

  6. HI there Arlene,
    On Blogger I go straight to dashboard and click comments... and WordPress is just the same, only it has a feature 'my comments' and you can see if someone replied to your comments on their own site. It's a bit like chasing your own tail (no Bess I wasn't talking to you!!)
    I seem to just whizz about all over the place and still I find I miss friends comments...then I whizz about apologizing...'tis a whizzy world ..
    and I have been known to 'twitter' a bit (as you know)...I tried to 'direct message' you on Twitter but it won't work unless we both follow each other...All this stalking about, can make one feel very conspicuous. Dark glasses would be handy, Bess already has a pair and she won't let me use 'em...shame I calls it!!
    love to you and Tango.. /x Pen 'n Bess x /


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