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Ruby and Tango
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Sunday, 24 October 2010


Just posting a quickie here to say that I've got a Hallow e'en party tomorrow evening with my Scottish Country Dancing group, I'm going as Dracula's bride, got all the face make up, pointy teeth, blood and net curtains as a bride dress. I'll try and get a photo to show off.
I should have gone to one last year but I got the dreaded swine flu and missed it. I do love fancy dress.   I remember once many years ago I was still with 'him' ,  the sports club we belonged to had a FD every New Year's' eve, , in past years I've dressed as, a squaw, Fox's glacier mint, down and out duchess, what I was wearing when the ship went down, [that was dressed for tennis]  I have photos of some, whichh I'll try and find. Anyhow to get back to the time I started about, I got an old army greatcoat from a charity shop, old boots with the toes cut out, different coloured holey socks, I dirtied my face and stuck rice crispies on my chin, scraped dog hairs off the dogs back and stuck clumps on my face, blacked out half my teeth with liquorice, used unravelled grey wool stuffed under an old battered trilby hat and finished it off with an old walking stick, yes you guessed, a tramp, I was chuffed to bits. and off we set. 'he' never dressed up. We got to the club about 10 pm, there didn't appear to be anyone else dressed up, we waited, and waited and waited, one member's wife turned up as a Wild West bar girl, all swirly skirts and glam, I could feel myself getting more and more embarrassed, I just wanted to disappear into the woodwork, around 11.30 I looked at hubby, held out my hand and just said, 'KEYS' with a face like thunder, he went to persuade me to stay, I just said again 'KEYS' he handed them over and I raced home about 60 mph pulling off my warts, hairy chin and woolly hair as I went.
At first I thought to just have a bath and go to bed, and then thought bu***er it and got out my classiest black dress, highest heels, put my hair up,  piled on the slap, and drove back to the club with my head in the air.
I got a round of applause and a bottle of whisky for the best Fancy Dress of the night LOL they never had any more after that, a pity 'cos I loved them and thought them great fun, Fingers crossed that I'm not the only one to-morrow night,
PS it was a shame it was one of the few when I didn't have a photograph taken.


  1. It is fun to get dressed up in a costume. Your tramp costume sounds really, really good, what a shame others didn't all come in different costumes and good for you for getting glammed up and going back and pretty cool that you got a round of applause and a bottle of whiskey too!
    I hope you have lots of fun tomorrow!

  2. Hope you have a great time at the party. As for me:

    Halloween '72 I reported to USAF basic training where my head was immediately buzz cut and I was forced to wear a pickle suit (OD green fatigues). I was also introduced to my new "mother and father", a pair of the most obscene men I had ever met and, having grown up a Navy brat, I thought I had heard every filthy word in the English language. I was wrong.

    Fast forward 33 years and I found myself in the emergency room after talking the fall that ended up leaving me permanently least that's what my doctors say. You know how hard headed I am when it comes to doing things they tell me i can no longer do. I may pay for it later but that doesn't stop me.

    After those two experiences I have decided Halloween is a good night for me to go to bed early. Valentines Day and Sadie Hawkins Day haven't been real lucky for me either, lately.

  3. That was a shame that nobody else dressed up for Halloween. Good for you going back looking good all dressed up for a party and received a nice bottle of whiskey for a gift. Wow, some night. I hope tomorrow evening's party is fun.

  4. Great Story, well told...I enjoyed that Arlene, no, not your embarrassment, but the fact that you went back there... AND won the bottle of Whisky ..(why is that word red underlined? Spell checker??)..Cheers...Loved the description of yourself, and the rice Crispied chin (uncomfy?)..
    Enjoy your Do, tonight.and Wow 'em. I'll look out for the photo's. xPenx

  5. You put a lot of thought into that Arlene shame about no one else dressing up though, but well done for going back and winning that whiskey go girl. Hugsxx

  6. That was a real tonic of a read Arlene! I love th fact you turned it around and went back and won!!

  7. Ha ha it Arlene, yes i always think it is a shame when others don't make an effort there are enough horrible things happening in the world today and to my mind to have a bit of light relief from all the bad news we read about you would think more would jump at the chance
    Well done to you for winning the whiskey


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