Ruby and Tango

Ruby and Tango
Me 'n' Ruby and of course Tango

Saturday, 20 November 2010

Holiday photos

Here are some holiday photos. This was at Gerald Durrells Zoo

Coming to get you
Gerald Durrell

I'm watching


I'm not speaking

Do I play a tune or eat it?

You watching?

You lookin' at me kid


This dome is in the Meerkat's enclosure for the kids to go through a tunnel , they scarpered when they saw me .

Sorry that the photos are all over the place, but I haven't got the hang of how to make them tidy.


  1. Oh, Arlene! These photos are just wonderful! I think I'm in love with Gerald Durrell if the sculpture is any indication that he loves animals -- I think he does :) and the Meercats! Oh wow, aren't they the cutest things. But the very, VERY best of all was the surprise at the end: the 2 photos of you in the dome. I'll be my neighbors heard me laughing. What a terrific shot! I would have crawled through that tunnel, too. Wow, what a good trip :D

  2. arghhh....that was "I'll BET my neighbors..." When will I ever learn to proof (hanging my head)

  3. These are all great photos Arlene. thank you for sharing them with us!

  4. Great photos and I was surprised about the dome. You sure know how to have fun. The meekats are fun to watch, only saw them on TV.

  5. Lovely day out Arlene the sculpture is really great. I got a surprise to see you in the dome at the end, you funny lady , glad you had a wonderful time.
    Great shots Hugs

  6. They let you out then? lol...from your ersonalised plastic dome?!! Love the Meercats ;) So cute :)


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