Ruby and Tango

Ruby and Tango
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Thursday, 23 December 2010

My rotten week.

This week has been a bit of a bummer.. I try not to be too downbeat when I post, but I'm hoping that getting it all off my chest will put it all into perspective and it won't seem so grotty. And if anyone wishes to top it, feel free, it might make me feel better.
I'd been planning for some time to have a kitchen make over, I mentioned it to my daughters and before I knew it it wasn't just a thought it was going to be actioned. I also told a couple of friends and with the same result, The suggestions then came thick and fast, move this here, or there, get rid of that, add this go for white,no,dark,or maybe natural, confusion reigned. So I went to the local stores who deal in this stuff, I had three 'planners' visit,\all with different ideas, however picking the bones out of the three I sorted what I wanted and chose the goods. Then it was the turn of the fitters,\I had two come up and give me their spiel on things. One made a great to do of it and I knew he was going to over charge, he probably thought, 'aha, woman on her own poor old dear won't have a clue what's what...wrong.. so when I got his over inflated quote I binned it. The other was a bit nearer the mark so it was put on hold,\the last one had given me a rough estimate over the phone and as he was highly recommended I had him over. Immediately he spotted some glaring mistakes and suggested some alterations, also his quote was way below the others. I then phoned the suppliers to see about delivery and payment of units., and was told as they weren't going to be delivered till after New year, they would be subject to the increase in VAT, I argued that I was paying in full beforehand, but she said it was to do with the fact that they would be invoiced and delivered after the 4th Jan. I said forget the lot I'll go elsewhere. Hang on she said I'll have a word with the top man, success, he cut the price of the units to cover it. #I was also having a new cooker, trawled the 'net and got sorted with what I wanted, I was given a date for delivery Monday 20th Dec 9 am I had a man come to disconnect the old one on Sunday evening. Monday morning had a phone call that the cooker would not be delivered till Thursday 2 pm as they couldn't get out of the depot because of the snow.Wedensday am another phone call,\cooker won't be delivered till Christmas Eve hopefully am.ggggrrrrrrrrrrrd I am fed up eating microwaved ready meals and trying to toast on a n electric plate. also hoping that the man who is reconnecting it will be available then.
Next Ruby jumped up on my knee and broke two keys and damaged three others on the laptop, That cost me £20 for a new keyboard..
Next, Tango has een not very well for a couple of days and has had me up several times in the night,\not much fun in this cold weather, I took him to the vet yesterday and £75 later was informed it was his arthritis and his hind leg muscles were a bit atrophied. I'm not too happy with the diagnosis,\I feel there is something further as he is retching a bit and is still getting up and pacing. good timing eh? I think he'll be back to the vet tomorrow,\IF I get the time and providing the cooker comes in time and I can tie up with the connector.
Next. The hydraulics in the stays of my car back door ]hatchback] and if I don't push it right up when I take the dogs out it will come down on me,\well it has, about three times,\luckily on my back not my head.Maybe it would be a good thing as they would maybe take me into hospital and I'd get a rest. Moan over folks.


  1. Oh my gosh, Arlene. What a horrible week it's been for you! I am SO sorry. I just counted the worst things and there were 3: no stove, broken keyboard, Tango sick. Can't count the car hatch because that was before, soooooo maybe it's all over with now. We can hope, right? The keyboard is fixed now, so maybe a miracle will happen and the snow will melt so that you can have your stove earlier. And poor Tango; you know that arthritis hurts, but yes, it might be something else as well. I sure hope he's feeling a LOT better by tomorrow. Please post about him then.
    I'm just sitting here shaking my head and wishing I could fix it all for you :(
    Sending you and both pooches a big hug and good vibes for tomorrow. XOXOXO

  2. Thank you Jenny, I can always count on you to reply to my posts,\bless you, I've just been on to my Word press one and I'm thinking of deleting it as it get almost no comments, not that that's a major problem or an earth shattering happening LOL just think it's a waste of time, believe me I'm not looking for sympathy on that one,\but I was for the other.,\Ha,\ha. I've just read about your Mum's Christmas party, \and that lifted my spirits, without a drop passing my lips, thank you so much for your sympathies, no doubt it will be worth the hassle, I meant to add I can't get it fitted till early February. sigh! I will keep you posted on Tango.

  3. Don't you just hate it when things like this happen. I hope your Christmas is not spoiled for you. Be well, and Tango also.

  4. I'm sorry you're having to go through all of this, rotten timing it being Christmas and all, rotten timing not having a stove at any time really. I'm sorry that Tango's not feeling so great too. Poor guy. Hopefully it's only the arthritis and nothing more serious.Hope everything smooths out for you soon Arlene.

  5. This has been an awful week for you. I hope things are better for you next week!

  6. My last couple of days would sound very similar to yours, We'll lets say Arlene my stove broke today and can't get it fixed but I will dig out the electric frying pan and hopefully be able to do Christmas dinner in it. Then my WordPress site got virused and am not receiving anyone's updates and so on. I'm having a rotton day and then I burnt my finger and have it soaking in a cold wet flannel. It can only improve for us both.
    Have a Merry Christmas
    Hugs Lady Jude

  7. I've replied on Wordpress Arlene,
    and also emailed you about some Dog food that has helped Bess to get her appetite back..,Just wondered if it'd help...
    Hugs, woofs and licks to you, Tango and Ruby,
    from me an' Bess...
    (and I just 'found' the sleep key on this flipping keyboard..and I nearly had a heart attack, everything closed down...Never used it before and never will again...!!!) xx

  8. Arlene, I just back to ck on your dear, sweet self, but I also JUST saw your question on a previous entry of mine on my page. You thought you'd been banished as a follower since you didn't see your name listed in my followers. Oh hell NO, I would never banish you, but I know what caused the problem. Ready? Originally I came to your page and clicked on follow to follow you...but when you came to my page, you read, and you commented, but if/when you clicked to follow me, it didn't take. So just run back over when you get the chance and click on follow and then your lovely photo will appear :D
    Love ya, gal XOXOXO and MERRY CHRISTMAS!

  9. Thanks folks, yes it's been a bit of a fraught week, and back to the vet to-day again,\but I'm hoping [fingers xxxd that I may be getting to the bottom of his probs. And poor Lady Jude, I hope your finger is getting better, but burns are bl**y painful, even small ones. and I hope you get your stove sorted, I've got mine now thankfully, all up and working. sorry small smug brag. ANd also you get your WP blog sorted, I had that happen to my website once.

  10. Thank you HOrst, fortunately I will be going to my daughter for Christmas so apart from breakfast toast, I wouldn't need the cooker.
    Thanks Pen I replied to your email. and where on the keyboard is the 'sleep key'
    Jenny I am back following you, thanks for taking the time to show me what the problem was. I need all the friends I have. LOL ANyhow, had a very busy day to-day and I'm whacked off to bed for an early start tomorrow. Merry Christmas to all,\and enjoy whatever you're doing catch you all tomorrow sometime.


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