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Ruby and Tango
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Sunday, 13 February 2011

reply to comments

Hi folks,thank you for your comments and interest, and yes I am pleased, though there are a few things to be done, another glass fronted cabinet for the china where the clock is, a new blind to go up, and decorating of course. and it will be a relief when it is finally finished, but at least the worst is done.
All donations will be gratefully received Lo. cash only no cheques.
The weather here has been awful, when I went out to-day it was blowing a hoolie, the rain was stinging, but we had a good walk along the beach, I'm sorry I didn't take the camera, as the sea was really boiling, there were a few surfers out, brave lads.
It hasn't stopped all day so I didn't take the dogs out tonight, as Tango got pretty wet this morning even having a coat on, his coat is so thick and takes an age to dry.

Yes we did have a nice meal to-day, went to the  local carvery, get this, Roast beef,turkey and ham, sausage, stuffing ball, Yorkshire pudding, mashed swede and turnip, roast and new potatoes, ratatouille, cabbage, peas and sweetcorn ! I passed on the swede/turnip, yuck, then ice cream sundae. glass of orange squash. not bad for £10 .95 [each] plus a good natter., but you can't put a price on friendship.
Tomorrow is supposed to be nicer weather wise, hope so.


  1. Heyyyy, Arlene! I stopped work long enough to click on blogger and see what's going on with everyone. Oh wow, I saw the pictures of the new kitchen and it's looking great! Love those countertops! It's all so cozy looking. I'll be Tango had to sniff every little thing that was new in there. If I even move a chair a few inches, my Sam & Lucy know it and have to investigate right away.
    Well, just a little more to do on the taxes before I cart them off to the accountant. The last of the papers I'm waiting for should be to me on 2/15 or 2/18. Crossing fingers.
    I'll see you soon! :D XOXOXO

  2. Oh Arlene that sounds like my fav meal yummy. Oh that dog is great , enjoy your day have fun in your new kitchen . xxxSheila x

  3. Your meal sounds scrumptious. I wish I could have been there.


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