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Ruby and Tango
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Monday, 7 February 2011


Hi folks, just an update on the kitchen make-over,
I spent the most restless night, wondering if I'd thought of everything to be ready for the kitchen fitter in the morning, I woke up thinking about remembering to tell him how and where to turn off the water, and then the electricity, it's behind a rather heavy chair, so I mad a not to move it in the morning,
Eventually I got up at 6.30 am after about 4 hours sleep. bathed, dressed, fed dogs set to doing the things I thought about during the night, then managed to get some breakfast. The kitchen was completely empty though I had to make sure the everyday stuff [tea, cereal, marmalade, spoons, knife, you knwo what I mean]was in one accessible place ready for tomorrow morning.
Eight o'clock on the date Steve turned up complete with tools, he started to pull the wall cupboards apart while we waited for the units to arrive.
\\\\he came at nine, so I sorted them out and left at 9.30 am. I  hoped to give the dogs a good long 2.1/2 hr walk, but after an hour it started to drizzle and was blowing up. so I had to cut that short.
Decided to go into Christchurch 5 miles away, popped into Kelly's Kitchen and had a cuppa and a toasted tea cake, It was Market day, so I had a little wander along the stalls, and bought two bushes for the garden , |Grisela, I think that's the spelling. I also bought some dahlias out of the 99p shop, nice deep orange pom-poms.
I'd parked for two hours about 11 till 1 pm. still had about an hour to kill so went into the local library and had 1/2 hr on the computer.
Phoned Avril and said I'd be along around 1 o'clock. I gave the dogs  another run and popped into local store to pick up a ready microwave meal and some hot cross buns.
Got to Avril 1.15 and had lunch, we sat and nattered till 5 ish and then I took the dogs for another run then home.
Well, Steve had made a good start, he'd got the units fitted together and in their place, but no sink, tops or handles. I suddenly thought, OMG I hope he's put the water back on, phew, he had, but I had to fill up the kettle from the bathroom taps and will have to wash up in bathroom sink. sigh. Fed dogs.
I had a toasted sandwich cup of tea and sat down absolutely pooped.
Tomorrow early rise again, and as it's my daughter Karen's birthday, we are meeting for lunch, the weather is supposed to be good, so hope to give the dogs a good walk first, as they have to spend quite a bit of time in the car.
I've got everything ready for to-morrow morning, and am ready for bed, sooooooooooooooooo tired.

New joke, 
sorry about the language but can't be bothered editing.

 Dave was staring sadly into his
> > pint and sighed heavily.
> >
> > "What's up Dave" asked the barman?
> >
> > "It's not like you to be so down
> > in the mouth"
> >
> > "It's my eight year old son." the
> > man replied.
> >
> > "Don't tell me, he's in trouble
> > for fighting in school? - my lad's just the same - forget about
> > it, it happens to boys that age" said the barman, sympathetically.
> >
> > " I only wish it was that"
> > continued the customer, " but it's far worse than that. The
> > little bastard has got the gorgeous 18 year old next door
> > neighbor pregnant."
> >
> > "Get away, that's impossible!"
> > gasped the barman
> >
> > "It's not" said the man.
> >
> > "the little bugger stuck a pin in
> > all my condoms"


  1. I would have been pooped too after your busy day.

  2. phew! what a busy day Arlene I would have been popped to. xx


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