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Ruby and Tango
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Monday, 28 March 2011

To-Day Monday


Just a quick blog, I went market early this morning as I wanted to catch the garden stall before the world and his wife bought up the best and most popular plants.

I managed to get pretty much what I wanted Two Vibirnum and a Pittosporum.

pittidporum               viburnum

I wanted a new Firethorn as mine got totally blasted by the frost I was devastated, as he was just maturing nicely and had lots of berries this year, also a blackbird was eyeing it up for a nesting site, after the previous shrub died, not a good spot I don’t think.

firethorn My poor Firethorn. I thought it would be quite snug beside the shed, but the wind does come down from the left. sigh

The weather to-day is lovely, still fairly warm, and I really should be outside planting, but as I’m going out this evening I wanted to catch up on blogs and email, last night I wanted to watch TV [for a change] and I was ready for bed at 9.30. I know I’m taking a chance that the weather is going to be this kind for a few more days yet. I’ve got so much I want to do, I think it’s spring fever.

I walked the dogs Stanpit Marsh Nature reserve to-day as it’s on the back from market in Christchurch,


Map picture

A nice pleasant walk, You can either go across the recreation ground and past the golf course to Christchurch, or go on to the Marsh itself, I avoid that as it’s a bit mucky, also you must keep dogs on lead during the nesting season, , rightly so, but not much fun for them.

Map picture

which the dogs hopefully enjoyed as a change from the beach,

Well I’ve had a bit of fun experimenting with Live Writer on my desk top. Is there no end to my talents. ? ;-)


  1. You have been a busy little bee Arlene, those plants are they to go outside? That Firethorn looks a bit like the one I posted a few weeks ago, not sure if it is though. It's sad when the frost hits them hard and they don't recover. Lovely walk for you and the darlings , take care and don't forget to take a well earned rest this evening. Hugs Sheila xx

  2. I've decided to try my hand at raising some herbs in one of Frankie's flower boxes this year. Sure hope I don't turn out to have a black thumb. I once had a room mate who managed to kill a cactus through lack of watering and I'd hate to have to stop teaing him about it every time I see him.

  3. You are a busy talented lady Arlene. I wish I had somewhere to plant flowers.

  4. Aw, Beth, that's a shame, I couldn't picture life without a garden, maybe one day, for you eh? I hope so.
    Busy, yes, don't know about talented, more curious, but thanks you are kind.
    Chips, good luck for your herbs, even if only to carry on teasing your cactus murdering friend. :-)
    @ Sheila, yes I have been busy, it's a nice feeling after the inactivity over the winter, and yes the plants are for outside, The Firethorn is mine from my own garden, it looks so sad as you say., they take ages to grow I have another two which are doing OK but not as mature.
    I had an evening dancing last night, so relaxing to-night, off out for a meal to-morrow.

  5. Hi Arlene just popped over to see how you are doin in the garden. Cold here in Cornwall today brrrr so garden's on a halt for me. I see you have added Susun Boyle video, it's lovely. Did you see Red Nose when Peter Kay and Susan did a duo together? Hope you are well and have a good weekend gosh that's come round quickly. Hugs Sheila x


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