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Ruby and Tango
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Saturday, 26 March 2011

Stripping off

Ah, just as I was about to start this post, I put a cassette in the cassette player, I've got scads of compilation tapes, that I've made up over the years when you used to get what I call, good music on the radio, plus transferred from old 45's [remember them] ? first one that came on was 'Planes and Boats and planes, sigh, loved it, now Bob Newhart has come on, many won't remember him but he'd just get up and do what they now call stand up, in a very tongue in cheek style, the one on just now is the one where the guy is going to jump off the roof , The Driving Instructor was one of the best known. just so funny.
I'd love to be able to put them on to CD but although I downloaded the software I've never got round to doing it. One day perhaps.....
Now to the main subject of this post, yes, Stripping Off.
The weather has been not only Spring like here on the South Coast but almost Summer like, sheer bliss.
I start off out with the dogs well wrapped up, as it's a bit chilly first thing. As I get round the cliffs and down to the beach the sun gets warmer, and warmer, and warmer, till I am almost steaming, so off come the gloves, then the scarf, steady girl, can't ignore it any longer off comes the jacket and sleeves tied round my waist, I struggle on. Been walking about 3/4 hr by now, the I stop to head back home. A few hundred yards further on, off comes the cardi, slung across the shoulder, getting hot, a quick stop and off comes the socks., Lor'd what I'd give to have a paddle  the sea, but I bet it's freezing, anyhow I've got tights on. Which leads me to confess, that the other day I got this far with stripping off and I was near the castle, I trudged up the hundreds of stairs to the top and nipped into their toilets and took off the tights that felt like molten treacle on my legs.,but this time I'd gone too far beyond, so had to suffer it out, it would be just my luck to be spotted should I nip into the bushes and take off the trousers to remove the offending tights.
By the time I get back to the car, I am a dripping wreck. Why oh why, do I have to be one of these people who feel the cold so badly, ? other people can go out with tee shirts and sandals when I'm still wrapped up like Nanook of the North. It's not fair. {Memories has just come on, big sigh! }
Maybe tomorrow I'll start out half dressed and not have to shed so much.
[Say you Don't Mind' on now, can't recall the singers  "I realize in your eyes I'm some fool" ] da.da.da. da. It's just come on Denny Lane Sounds of the Sixties was the programme. 
Bertie Higgins and Key Largo, so dreamy.
Then 'The Crying Game' Dave Berry I think [First there are kisses, then there are sighs, then before you know where you are, you're sayin' goodbye. ah what sweet memories 
Just before I go Pagliacci, not everyones' taste but I like allsorts of music, opera included. 

Thank you for visiting and please come back, Arlene, AKA Lady Depp. LOL   Tango and Ruby


  1. Ha Ha you made me laugh Arlene I could just imagine you walking along stripping off. It's better to be warm than cold as the weather could change, or my gran used to say never cast a clout till May is out. Heck you would be sweating buckets. Lovely walk enjoy your Sunday and enjoy the sunshine , lets hope so tommorrow. Hugs Sheila and Wile-e x

  2. I do the same thing with my music. I put my favorite songs from each cd on the computer then put them all together to make a compilation cd.
    I can just imagine you stripping down. LOL
    With all of the walks you take you must be in very good physical condition.

  3. I never listen to music, although I should. I used to when I work in the house.
    I could picture your walk and getting too warm and peeling off clothes.

  4. Thanks ladies, it's unusual weather here just now, exceptionally warm, but it' going to change midweek, so i won't be stripping off, so it's safe to let the men out again.| LOL
    That sounds a good idea Beth, mine have been taken from the radio and old records.
    I suppose I'm in not too bad condition for my age, thoug, although I do walk a lot around 10 - 12 km a day I don't stride out, jsut walk at normal pace.
    I'm surprised you don't listen to music GR Gran, but i do admit I'm not as keen on it as I used to. so keep going bakc to my own oldies.


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