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Ruby and Tango
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Friday, 25 March 2011

A walk in the forest

Hi all and thanks for our sympathetic comments to my Physio blog, I tried not to make it sound like a 'poor me' sort of whinge, but asking Why the physio, and the lack of info on the merits, as, as Chip says the damage was irreparable anyhow. It is a strange affliction, as although the damage is in the back I have a spot in my ankle and side of knee, that feels like they've  been hit with a stick. ! as well as the stinging which was from the ankle to knee, I used to say it felt like Beethoven's 5th symphony was firing up, and getting to the Fireworks. LOL
Anyhow I thankfully no damage was caused from yesterday's gardening session, and I was OK.
so much so I went out with Sue and our dogs  to-day to a walk in the New Forest,
They have acres to run on and although there are a few places that are boggy, the many pools give the dogs a chance to clean off. here are a few pics..
Ruby with a visiting  Labrador

Poor |Widget would just love to join in.
Widget in foreground Tango in water and Ruby watching

Tango and Nettle

Widget in water Strudel and Nettle watching
Widget had damaged a foot ,so couldn't be off lead.

New Forest ponies

Widget and the mob in the background

Strudel with her head down a rabbit hole

Widget and Strudel inspecting the rabbit hole

Nettle again head study Which one am i going to paint? I can't make up my mind, any suggestions.

 New forest pony
 Tango coming out of the pool
Typical NF scene
We had a lovely morning with Tango, Ruby, Widget, Strudel and Nettle. they all get on so well.
Thank you for visiting and please come back, Arlene, Tango and Ruby

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  1. Arlene, the photos are so nice. You have lovely scenery there to view on your walks.
    I like the second photo of Nettle the best!

  2. Splend day out I just love watching dogs wagging their tails, and enjoying themselves. Pictures are great , it seems like a very relaxing day . Dogs mucking about in the water ha ha lovely. Hope you feeling ok from your gardening and having a good weekend. Hugs Sheila and Wile-e xxto dear Tango Ruby and yourself. x

  3. Thank you my two faithful friends, Yes thanks Sheila I've had no after effects from gardening.
    I think Wile-e would love a good romp in our forest, licks to him in lieu XX

  4. Lovely photos Arlene, it looks like you had a wonderful time, all of you. I like the bottom photo of Nettle I think you should paint that one :) x

  5. Love the photos of the dogs romping around in the forest. Looks like you had fun watching them.

  6. Thanks Horst, and Poppy, glad you enjoyed the photos, in my computer they look a bit drab, but then it's a rather brown landscape, and the grass hasn't really greened up yet. I hope to start the painting soon, I still haven't decided which as on WP there's a division of choice too.


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