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Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Man’s inhumanity

Looking at the news to-night I’m saddened enraged and heartbroken at the sight of the fires all over the country in woods and heathland, The fact that many of these fires are started deliberately make me all the angrier.

The sheer waste and ugliness that is left is an affront to the senses, but to my mind it is dwarfed by the devastation to wildlife, especially now at a time when the bird nesting season is at it’s peak, not to mention the other creatures, from tiny voles to deer which, if they’ve escaped with their lives, have nowhere to go., again it makes me seriously doubt the existence of a god.

As if all that devastation to the land is not enough, also in the news the suggestions of building new runways for airports, When the h*ll is it all going to end, can’t man just try to empathise with nature, live and let live.

When I hear the governments and the other groups shout about species which are being lost and going into decline, I want to scream and rant at them asking can’t they see why? they can’t keep on concreting over the world and felling forests, neither for commercial use or sheer malice.

It's been reported that two teenage youths have been arrested, if they’re guilty, \i hope they dangle them by the ankles over a slow burning fire



  1. One phase of my training for USAF missile crew duty involved a 5 week course at Vandenberg Air Force Base, California. Just our luck we arrived just as the Santa Anna winds began to blow. Locals would tell you the Santa Annas drive people looney but our biggest concern was the wildfires blown into fire storms by those winds. We eventually found ourselves fighting fires after class with only rudimentary training. During a rest period word came down that a specially trained crew of prison inmates had been killed by a flash over. One of the professional fire fighters on scene said it probably had more to do with arsonists than anything natural. He told us that when the wildfire season arrive firebugs from all over California would flock to the area to watch the flames and start fires of their own. I guess they took out promise to kill anyone we found lighting a fire seriously because that was our last day on the line.

  2. Excellent post Arlene. So many of the fires in California have been purposely set. I can't think of what would be the proper punishment if these people get caught.

  3. Yes Arlene I know just how you are feeling these little creeps I just can't find the right words. They were caught I wonder how they will be punished we'll just have to wait and see. They have no reason like you and I their mind doesn't venture that far I'm afraid to say. Take care good post hugs to you and the gals. Hope Ruby is feeling ok now after her ordeal. xx

  4. Thanks for comments and visit folks, The trouble is even if the two who were caught were found guilty, it's only a small fraction of the weirdos who do these things, and they won't be punished , just fined and told to behave. i'd roast the B's
    Ruby is fine now thanks been to vet to-day for her post ope check up and got all clear.

  5. Arlene, the best deterrant is to make these little buggers pay for the cost of puting out the fires, and any other costs, even if it takes the rest of thier lives.


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