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Ruby and Tango
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Saturday, 25 June 2011

Wasting time

To-day I decided that after 4 years I would eventually bite the bullet and upload the files from my Camcorder, yes 4 years I've had this neat little camcorder, My previous one recorded to video and I have videos from way back when the grandchildren were little, they are now in their twenties, I sometimes spend a little quiet time looking at them and wondering where the years have gone. Sometimes I find it too painful, as some of my old dead and gone dogs are on them. If there’s anything that kills a good day or mood, is to watch your beloved companions as they were.

I digress and wallow forgive me.

I looked high and low for the instructions to go with this gadget and no luck, till tucked away with some leads and wires and such I found two DVD discs with Sony camcorder on and thought, this could be something useful.

I put in the first disc and voila it was the instructions in Adobe format. I started to read through the various pages and tried taking note of where and how it told me what to do to get the files up on screen and then with a bit of luck on to DVD ! oh such high ambitions I had.

After noting down pages 35, 48,62 81 96 etc I gave up and thought I would just print it out and go from there at my leisure.

Set up the printer, sorted out the settings loaded in the paper and pressed print, just checked the box for sheets and flaming Nora, it was 135 pages of it, I quickly shut off the printer and checked out the PDF doc, it was right, so I thought OK I can’t keep putting the computer on inserting a disc and checking through the index everytime I want to upload a bit of film.

After four printer jams and two different coloured papers of slightly different sizes, [thank heaven I took advantage of an office clear out many moons ago or it would have cost a bit] I got it all printed out,

I put in the other CD but for some reason it wouldn’t show, so I’ll try that later on my laptop.

As it’s now 5.30 pm the dogs are chomping to go out I’ll have to postpone my good intentions of flashing off a few videos.

So instead I am putting on a little show of me at a couple of fancy dress parties from a few years back. Enjoy.

Tennis duchess eddie and me me dancing

fancy dress

The theme in the top one was, what you were wearing when the ship went down I was playing tennis.

And in the other I was a down and out duchess,

The quality isn’t too good, but they are about forty years old, once again where does the time go.

I’ve had them sitting on the desktop for a while so now I can put them back in their box of memories, I have more somewhere but they can wait for another day,



  1. Wow, I only have a few photos of myself dating from before I met Frankie thanks to a lot of moving around while in the service and several irate ex-girlfriends. What I wouldn't give to relive some of those old days. On the other hand, no sense having any evidence left lying around in case the statute of limitation for prosecution hasn't run out.

  2. I put all of my old camcorder film on DVDs a few years ago.

    I like your photos.

  3. I commented on WP, Arlene, but while I was sailing around Blogger, I thought I'd drop by and say Hi, hope you're enjoying the sun and hugs to you 3 from me. xPenx

  4. Well good work Arlene it takes a lot of patience to sort through stuff as you have done. Pictures are good you were a little Diva very nice. Looks as though you were really enjoying life. Hope all is well and the gals are fine hug Sheila and Wile-e xx:) thanks for sharing these.


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