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Ruby and Tango
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Thursday, 1 September 2011

Spend, spend, spend

I went to TK Max to-day,  for those of you who don’t know what it is, it’s a cheap store that sells designer and good labels cheap, I went into one in a retail out of town park, just for a nose around, and saw a pair of trainers reduced from £45.00 to £24, Hi Tech waterproof and hardwearing, brilliant size three , BUT they were a tiny bit on the tight side, I searched for a slightly larger size but no go.
I decided this morning I just gotta have some, and went along to another TK Max store at the Castlepoint shopping complex. , guess what, I was spoilt for choice, and came home with three pairs for just over £60.00, and all fit , size 3.1/2 . OK they’re not waterproof, but with a £1.20 can of waterproofing aerosol I’ll soon sort that out. I am pleased, I can now dump the ancient old broken down clod-hoppers I've been wearing. I’m so pleased I'm putting them on here for to share, Just what I need for walking the dogs.
Old ones for rubbish bin 

New ones...


  1. Nice. When I find something I like at a good price I've also been know to get more than one. Way to shop lady.

  2. Good job!! I love bargains and when I see them I stock up too!!

  3. Wore the white ones when Out with the dogs this afternoon, they were so white and pristine, they just screamed..NEW SHOES EVERYBODY, LOOK lol :-)

  4. Lovely Arlene it is good to stock up when the sales are on. You have an eye for a bargain it's the only way to shop these days. Cool here today the mist isn't clearing as yet. Hope you and the gals are fine and well, have a good weekend happy walking. Sheila and Wile-e :) xx


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