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Thursday, 6 October 2011

Catch up

Hi All and thanks for your comments on my little bit of homespun wisdom, well it's not really my work but I thought it too clever not to share and it's just what I'd quote anyway if I put my mind to it LOL
Like Carrie I've been having a little break from the internet as the weather has been too good not to get the garden chores up to scratch, still got a little bit to do yet, but getting there,
I see Blogger have been fiddling around with the settings again, and my new post interface is different, [sigh]
Can you recall that I've complained about a frozen shoulder? I kid you not, but there were times it nearly reduced me to tears, I got woken up two three times in the night when I wanted to turn over as I had to lift my whole body as the shoulder got stiff and cramped. Physio said it was damaged tendons., and I did see it on the X ray. Now when I first went to the doctor I asked him was it RSI due to typing? he said No. I thought long and hard about it, and was pretty sure it is that, When I sit in the evening with my laptop I'm in an armchair and my arms aren't as free as they are when I use my desktop, they are a bit more 'confined' and I never really felt comfortable, I'd skew to the right, an skew to the left, using a little table meant I had to lean forward, and I also tried a lap tray, However as I've been doing a bit more gardening I've felt a bit too tired to do much on the computer so have given it a rest for a few evenings, I woke up this morning and realised my shoulder wasn't nearly so painful, I'm convinced using the laptop in the armchair is the cause, so I'm not going to have a break and just use my desktop during the day, and fingers crossed it will tell me if I'm right.
Just a quickie before I take the dogs for their evening walk.
I saw in the papers about a sort of Botox for the eyelashes, I perked up, always looking for ways to improve the picture, It apparently thickens them and makes them long enough for you to have to actually trim them. I shan't be trying it, as it would take a bit more than long eyelashes at my age. :-(
It reminded me of when I was a very young teenager, about 14 or so, and one of the lads told us that if you trimmed your eyelashes really short they would grow long and thick, guess what ? we tried it, what a stupid sight we looked, I was in tears and almost resorted to wearing glasses, they've still never grown long nor thick. ANother wheeze they tried on us about the same time.
 My friend and I have ordinary blue eyes, they told us if you drank strong tea it would turn our eyes a lovely shade of dark sultry brown, we must have drank stewed tea for months, plonkers, we [or at least I] have still got ordinary blue eyes. Oh the vanity and discontent of youth.
That's all for now folks. I hope to get round visiting in the near future, thansk for listneing.

Thank you for visiting and please come back, Arlene, Tango and Ruby


  1. I think those people that told you those things when you were young were messing with your head. Hope your shoulder gets better and have a great week end, It's Thanksgiving here in Canada this weekend. If it is the same in the UK, Happy Thanksgiving to you as well.

  2. I think you're spot on there Horst, I sometimes wonder if I ever recovered :-)
    Happy Thanksgiving

  3. I've always been a sucker for blue eyed blondes. Once, long ago, I fell head over heels for a gorgeous redhead with brilliant green eyes, the green you can see from across a room, but that woman turned out to be a raving psycho and that convinced me to stick with blue and blonde.

    The back injuries make it impossible for me to sit at a desk for more that a few minutes but I found a wedge shaped cooling mat for my laptop that raises the keyboard level with the arms of my recliner. I also use a wireless track ball on the right arm rest and that solved the wist pain I used to get using the touch pad on the lap top.

  4. Hi Arlene sounds feesable must be awful for you. I hope you get to feel better having given up the Laptop. Yes we did beleive things when we were younger , made me laugh but oh no eyelashes not so good. Enjoy your walk and have a good weekend. Hugs Sheila and Wile-e xxx

  5. We tried silly things when we were younger too, but have never heard of the eyelash one...I bet I would have been daft enough to try it too lol hope your shoulder continues to improve, have a great weekend xx

  6. Hi Poppy and SHeila, hope you come back and read this comment, thanks for visiting, and Sheila I still can't get into your blogger account from here grrrrrrrrrrrrr

  7. Arlene, I sure hope your shoulder gets well soon, had that myself. I laughed about cutting the eyelashes. I tried it


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