Ruby and Tango

Ruby and Tango
Me 'n' Ruby and of course Tango

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Starting the day

Just a quick post to catch up and see how many of my friends are still around,

We have all had breakfast and are ready to start the day, though the dogs have gone back into hibernation, Ruby especially would sleep the day away, Tango is still a bit more restless till he’s had his walk.

The weather this morning is much chillier and greyer. just heard on the radio that winter is about ready to pounce, so the sense of a cosy late summer will soon be shattered, The butterflies that are still flitting around, the daffodils that have dared to show their faces are in for a shock. A heads up for me as I have got several bulbs well on their way to blooming, I’ll get out the fleece and hope to save them, I’d hate to think that the work and time I put in to plant them will be for nothing, apart from the fact that the early bees and insects rely on them for food in spring.

Unfortunately I've had to put Tango on the lead more often as he is starting to wander off into the bushes and at some point a bit too close to the road path, a thing he would never have done in the past,  I’d just say ‘path’ and he’d stay on there. It makes me sad to think that it could be  the beginning of his decline, I must stop and don’t go there.

My Christmas wrapping is all but finished , just got a few little stocking fillers and small presents to get, Then they’ll be put  away till Christmas,  the cards are next, hopefully to-night.

To-morrow I have got my Great Grandson’s 3rd birthday party, a hall has been hired for it so I’ll pop along and it will remind me to appreciate the peace and quiet that old age [not me] brings.

Well I could go on as I feel I’m on  a roll but I must get the dogs out and do some shopping, I have some baking to do when I get back home, i haven’t baked any bread for a while as I couldn’t eat the crusts till I had my tooth filled, having to buy the soft pappy stuff from the shop.

I’m also going to have a look for something different in the baking scene.

Bye for now


  1. Hi Arlene you have your day planned I see , dogs walked as well. Yes I know what you mean about Tango they do tend to wander off , forgetting what they are supposed be doing as they get older. Cooking bread sounds like a great idea on a dull chilly afternoon, just the ticket. Have a fab day at the toddlers birthday party oh what a lovely afternoon wish I could be there to. Hugs Sheila and Wile-e xx

  2. Hi Arlene,

    It is a dreary rainy day here too. I want some sunshine and I want it now.

    I baked pumpkin pies for Thanksgiving and the next thing will be starting baking the cookies for Christmas.

    I know it is hard for you to think of Tango growing older. Very sad.


  3. It is to bad that dogs have such short lives, specially the large breeds.

  4. Hi all, thanks for the comments and the boost. When I took the dogs out it was in a wind that would cut you in half, was I glad to get home ? you bet. The bread was lovely, later on I had two lovely thick toasted slices, with a banana mashed on. then settled down for a nice long chat with a girl friend, then watched SCD, off to bed in a mo.
    You are too right Horst, just so sad, I have said goodbye to too many in my life.
    I've never tasted a pumpkin pie, is it sweet or savoury? Off to bed shortly. to stoke up on my stamina for tomorrow's party.

  5. Well I don't even have any Christmas decorations or lights up. Not going to bake this year. No one is coming and won't be seeing any family so no Christmas shopping. I think this year I would rather save my back for maybe trying some cross country skiing again. I don't think I can snow shoe anymore with my back problems. Ah but in the end I know I will have to put some lights up and bake a little. We had our last dog put down 3 years ago and I just have not been able to commit to getting another one. Normally we always had a new one before the old one died. But this last one just broke my heart and I do find it hard to take the plunge again with another dog. Also had so many wonderful dogs I always worry I will end up with a problem one. Anyway enjoy them now while you can.


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