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Ruby and Tango
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Thursday, 3 November 2011

The substitute

Hi folks, i really love you guys, you make an old lady's day happier, now then to the title, I didn't get time to make the banana cake to-day, as I had a few chores to do, such as moving stuff around in the porch, I was convinced i had a mouse, so the cupboard where I keep the dogs blankets and towels had to come out, also the freezer, it took the whole morning to do it, I got up and out with the dogs by 8.30 am to beat the rain, had a drink then started on the moving, it took me till 2 pm, had some soup and thought about baking, till I realized I wouldn't be able to wait for it to cook before the dog walk. As the clocks went back I now take the dogs out around 4.30 pm. So I decided to make some cheap and cheerful, easy peasy Welsh Cakes, on the griddle, so that it The Substitute.
I was pleased I went out so early as I missed the rain which started just after I got home at 10 am.
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  1. So what is the recipe for your Welsh Cakes. You left kind of hangin there.

  2. Now don't those just look yummy. Substitutes can be better than the first thought at times.


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