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Ruby and Tango
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Thursday, 19 January 2012

My trees

First an update on dogs, Tango is back to normal, or what passes for normal with him, eating like a horse and getting all excited for nothing in particular. Ruby has taken a bit longer to get back on track, her temp was still up yesterday am and had to pay the vet another visit at 3pm then again this morning at 9.30, fortunately it was down, I expect the cold damp towels helped, The vet was a bit concerned that she was a tad hydrated and wanted her to drink more or she's have to come in overnight on a drip, I wasn't keen on that as she's quite nervy around strangers. The vet gave me a largish syringe so I could inject water down her throat. hopefully that will work She has picked up and is eating better though her toilet isn't up to scratch but it will come with more food in her.
Haven't had much time nor inclination to post lately, also I've been watching a bit of TV, Prof Brian Cox and his Stargazing has been quite riveting, I also like to watch Master chef though I do get a giggle when I see how the food is presented, with all the fiddly bits and pieces. Watching them in the top restaurants being harassed by the Top chef makes me wonder how on earth they can take it without telling him to go fry. YES CHEF huh!
Beth  photographed a tree  and thought she would do the same at the same place each month for a year, I thought it was a brilliant idea, so have pinched it, hope you don't mind.
This picture is from the bottom of the drive looking West, so it will be interesting to see the trees colour up as there is quite a selection of species.
Just as the road curves up there is a bridge that goes over the Chewton Bunny with the white barrier by the walkway on the left to keep from walking on the road.

I will also photograph them throughout the season, BUT this afternoon, I heard the saws buzzing, I looked out of the window and the arborists were sawing limbs from the oak, I'm hoping it is just a few of the lower limbs, as this old tree is alive with birds and many of them just like to perch and view. So fingers crossed.

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  1. Glad to hear Ruby is slowly picking up Arlene , poor luv. My fingers are so crossed for her. I just love your trees it will interesting as the season move on. I know what you mean about Master Chef these meals are so fancy but I think cost the earth. The Stargazing has been very interesting this week, and Brain Cox is fab. He has such a way about him just makes you want to know more.
    Hope the Gals and yourself ok keep us up dated.
    Hugs Sheila and Wile-e xx

  2. Thanks Sheila, Ruby is about 95% Ok now and Tango is back on form. , my son in law Martin is coming back to-morrow to finish off decorating, apart from that nothing happening here. to-morrow I may dismantle this blog and change the theme to see if I can get this text bigger, I've tried the help forum but no reply, off to bed now g'night

    1. OK good Luck have a good Weekend xx catch you later xx

  3. Hey Arlene, if you are using Internet Explorer to host blogger, then that may be the problem. I use Google Chrome for blogger everything and have no problems so far. Use Google Chrome as you browser when working with blogger and everything will work for you.

  4. Hi Horst, nice to see you and your input, I do use Chrome, always have, so I decided to try IE to see if it worked and it did, but I've come back on to Chrome as i can't get on with IE, so I'll see if I've tweaked something that might have worked.


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