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Ruby and Tango
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Sunday, 9 December 2012

A satisfying day [almost]

Well as my title says i have had a satisfying day despite being awake half the night, for some reason. I really get cheesed off with these erratic sleep patterns of mine.
I was quite tired last evening and went off to bed at ten pm., read for about 15 minutes and went to sleep. Next thing I was aware that I was gradually 'coming awake' despite truing my mantra of just saying' sleep, sleep. sleep, [it sometimes works] I became more alert, I thought well maybe it's time to get up and turned to look at the clock, I cold't believe it, it was only not long after midnight. try as I might I just couldn't get back, I was wide awake, I sat up and had a read, till around 2 am when I last looked, put my head down again and put off the light, but sleep still never came, Eventually I took half a sleeping pill at 4.10 am, I slept till 8.30, my head felt heavy and my eyes ached,
Anyhow once up washed and fed I was O,K, took Ruby for a nice walk and then went shopping, and that's when the 'almost' happened. wait for it.
I got home around 1.30 and had some soup I'd made yesterday with some home made bread, finished with a cuppa and some home made currant cake. I then wrapped the painting to take to the PO tomorrow, wrapped up the dog presents and had to re-wrap a friend's which I'd put my finger through and tore the paper, I cleared up all the mess, and put the paper, tags and bows away till next year. By then it was pushing 4 pm, I'd had a new chair delivered yesterday and had to re-arrange the lounge furniture to accommodate it, so I spent a satisfying hour sorting that out, I then took Ruby out , for 3/4 hr, came home fed her and jumped in the bath, and had supper, altogether a very satisfying day, BUT as I said 'almost' Here goes, when I was in the supermarket, one of the big ones, I did my shopping which included a bottle of wine, not a cheap one I might add. The shop was very busy so  I used the manual check out, when I'd finished and went to lift my shopping, there was an almighty crash, I hadn't put the wine in my bag, and it smashed into smithereens, I involuntarily let out a shriek and a rather loud expletive,  beginning with S and ending with T. I'm sure the whole supermarket went quiet and everyone, and I mean everyone looked over at me. some shocked and some amused, I just wanted the ground to swallow me, The staff came running over with sawdust etc and soon had it under control hustling me back to the wine aisle to replace the bottle. I still felt everyone was watching this little old lady with the mouth of a docker, but I'm probably just being paranoid, and thank heaven the store hasn't banned me. In retrospect, I bet it made a few people smile.

Thank you for visiting and please come back, Arlene, Tango and Ruby


  1. LOL!! I know sleepless nights too and I have been known to say oh s**t on various occasions. You were just being normal person.

  2. Yes Arlene sleepless nights I had one of the very same, Friday night. Wake up feeling quite Lousy , and then Lucy makes me laugh. Blogs up and running by the way.
    Oh that must have been a moment , oh well you probably made a few people smile I know I would have.
    Hope your sleep came easy the following night.
    Hugs Sheila xx

  3. I am quite sure there were others in that store who would have had the same reaction! I know I would have. I am glad that your day was almost good. I have had days like that, and sleepless nights as well. I wouldn't know how to act if I ever slept through the night. I probably should avoid my daytime nap, but by about one o'clock I can hardly hold my eyes open!

  4. Hi Girls, thanks for the understanding, I get the impression that I am 'normal' and sleeplessness are also normal, oh, and having the occasional expletive. :-) Though Sandie, I don't usually have a nap during the day, and if I do it makes no difference, I often wonder if it's because being alone, one has no one to offload your chatter to, so keep yourself awake with the sound of your own mutterings, that's my excuse anyhow, take car all and thanks for visiting.

  5. Funny the words that erupt, lol. Sleepless nights are just the pits. Have too many of them myself. I'm one of thos who when awaken can't get back to sleep for what seems like forever.

  6. Oh I so had to laugh. I am the worst about letting out a big S--t when something happens in public. I can also be in such a zombie world when shopping. I also talk to myself alot. Often when I look up I see someone staring at me. I really don't care. I try and be conscious to the rest of the world while shopping but find myself soon in my own little world. Oh but breaking something glass can surely be the most embarrassing thing. Hope you at least enjoyed the wine. Hugs Carrie

  7. Hi Terry and Carrie, thanks for your visit. No the wine wasn't enjoyed by me, it's don't care for it, it is for a Christmas present, I don't care for it unless it's Ginger Wine, or a Baileys liqueur. If you have a dog with you, you can get away with talking to yourself, just say the dog's name now and then.
    Have a good night's sleep all.


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