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Monday, 17 March 2014

Shame on them

Arlene and Ruby's tales:

I live in a very beautiful area of the Hampshire/Dorset border, now at this time of the year it's mostly locals who use the beach and walks round the area, When out walking my dogs I never cease to be amazed at the amount of dog poo that litters the paths., it's especially worst just a few yards from the car park, it slopes down so you are quickly out of sight, and each side is just littered, You can either carry on walking down to the beach or hive off right to walk along the paths midway up the cliff, they are covered either side with bushes, and I'm afraid to say they too are littered. I don't know what's worse the offensive matter on the ground or the bags of it that hang from the bushes in their multi coloured bags like some distorted  old Christmas baubles . As no one can see them there they just abandon the stuff will nilly.

As I said at the start, it is locals who use these paths just now, How I wish they could just read this blog and read of how despicable they are, They are just ignorant dirty low life scum., but, I don't suppose they will read this.

It is even worse when the holiday makers come, but I don't use that walk much then. They should all hang their heads in shame. I sometimes feel embarrassed to be a dog owner, and quite often pick up the offending matter if it's in the middle of the path.

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  1. That is awful. Perhaps you could write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper addressing this!

  2. I know it is Beth and if I thought it would do any good I would, but it is disgracefully a common problem here. despite carrying a hefty fine if caught.

  3. Nothing worse then the remains of dog pooh on your walks. We take our dog Sheaba far into the desert to do her business. Out there any added content is a blessing. Then we proceed to walk the neighborhood. She always has her bags with her around her neck so any further dropping can always be picked up. What get me here is peoples backyards with dogs and the poo is never cleaned up. The ground get completely covered in some areas and the dogs are walking in it. Even when our dogs have pooped in our yard or surrounding we pick it up. I do think maybe a cleanup by locals needs to be done one day in your area.


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