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Ruby and Tango
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Thursday, 17 April 2014

Making the most of the sun

Well according to the weather buffs, our little mini spring heat wave is coming to an end on Sunday, it’s been lovely while it lasted, I had some garden rubbish to take to the local tip so I thought to-day is as good as any , also I had grass cuttings I thought should be got rid of as soon as possible as they rot quickly and soon smell.

On the way to the waste tip there is a nice walk which I do when I’m going into Christchurch, which is a couple of miles further on.  I took the camera to hopefully get some nice pictures., well I took a few, nothing really spectacular but I’m putting them on here just to let you know that the dogs are still enjoying life.

The walk is in Mudeford woods which has a nice stream running alongside which expands into a nice big pond which is used by the local angling club, though I don’t know what they catch. there’s a few wild fowl on there too, I’ve included the two drakes, but didn’t see anything else.

Here goes…Obviously the dogs in the pics are Zak and Ruby,

Zak wants to play


Ruby being patient

That’s it folks I would like the weathermen to be wrong, but I feel that this time they may be right, Oh well, it’s been nice while it’s lasted.
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  1. What an enjoyable post, Arlene! The photos are great and really show off Zack and Ruby well. I can't get over how much Zack reminds me of Tango. Same for you? And isn't it wonderful how well Ruby and Zack get on! As I look at the expressions on their faces, it says it all, "HAPPY!" I tell you what, when I come back for another life, let me come back as either one of my own cats or one of your dogs! Either way, blissssss.

    So good to see you, Arlene. You know darn well you've always been one of my favorite folks :D


    1. Hi Jenny, lovely to seee your magic touch on here, itlightens my day, and thanks for enjoying my little adventure. Zak reminds me of Tango in temperemant and personality, always up for fun, but he's more affectionate, Tango preffered physical play, Ruby reminds me of Whisper, though she is a gentler natured dog. But very much her own girl. I'm lucky that neither dog likes water so was able to let them off lead here. Off to tend the garden for a couple of hours, look after yourself and keep calling back , I so enjoy your responses, as you're a 'talker' like me XX

  2. The photos turned out great. Beautiful scenery and I loved seeing the dogs! xx

    1. Thank you Beth , as I've said before I 'm lucky to live in such a lovely part of the county, with so many varied walks. The dogs enjoy it too. If it does rain we will hope it doesn't last too long eh ? Take care x

  3. Happy Easter Arlene. I hope you have a good one.

  4. Ah thank you Horst, I'm so glad I came back on here as I didn't get an email to tell me you'd written, I had a lovely Easter, as I hope you also have had, hugs from we three Me, Ruby and Zak. X

  5. Lovely pictures Arlene your day was good and I love the Drakes. Good to hear you enjoyed your Easter.
    Smashing pictures of Ruby and Zak x
    Hugs Sheila


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