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Ruby and Tango
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Sunday, 2 August 2015

A Summer's Day

Summer day
It’s such a lovely day I felt I ought to share it in a blog.
L’l Libby the Chihuahua, has gone home this morning, I’d like to think she had a nice holiday
My gran-daughter Lisa brought her collie Pepsi over  as she and hubby are going for a holiday, she is such shy little girl and no trouble.
This morning we all went for a walk  over the fields and li’l Libs just loves frolicking in the grass, as she lives in a flat most of the time.
After we came back I started pruning some shrubs , but have come indoors for lunch, I’m sitting here just having finished a tasty salad and a slice of iced lemon sponge. MMMMMMm. The windows and French doors are wide open with a gentle breeze blowing through, The dogs  are settled down for a nice nap, and I’m listening to Classic FM with the lovely summery music put on by Alan Titchmarsh, what could be better. J
After I’ve sufficiently recovered from lunch I will go back into the garden and do some more pruning,., Everything has just take off, and if I don’t get some control  of it, it will swamp me.
I bought an Acer a few years back, which I was under the impression it was a dwarf, HUH some bet, it grew and grew, so last year I decided to cut it down, but it has sprouted out all over so I’m hacking that back, also some  Invercallia shrubs that are galloping upward , I have a large Lime tree and as  I can’t grow flowers under it,  I have to resort to shrubs. Still the birds like them.
I had a nice surprise the other week, I saw some bright pink poking it’s head above the holly bush and wondered what it could be, when I looked I discovered it was a rose……… one I had thought I’d murdered last year or so had regenerated, there must have been a little bit of life in the underground root, I was so pleased as it was a rose that was here when I cam 26 years ago, Zepherine Douhaine, an old type shrub rose. Tough old bird obviously.

Well that’s it, I’ve almost finished my cuppa. Catch you again.

Thank you for visiting and please come back, Arlene, Tango and Ruby


  1. Roses make me smile Arlene , it's lovely when they regenerate again. I thought I had lost my pink Rose when it was dug up by the workmen , they had to do that. Moved to another spot and hey it did take a while but it is lovely now. I love your little pooch it must have been a dream to see them altogether playing .
    Enjoy your lovely weather lets hope it last.
    Hugs Sheila x

  2. So Sorry Sheila, missed this comment, Glad that you too managed to resurrect your rose, mine has stopped blooming but is towering above the holly, look forward to seeing it next year. Enjoying this spell of nice weather. xx


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