In a daze on Holidays
Looking through the paper this morning I noticed that already they have started advertising their holiday bookings for next year, at the same time they are advertising winter get aways Places like Norway, and Switzerland for ski-ing and winter fun, Now I think who in their right mind would want to go to cold countries when there’s plenty enough cold and snow in GB right now? I can understand the urge to go to Malaya, or South Africa, or even as far away as Australia, all that sun and warm beaches, the thought is so tantalising, Oh how I wish But I’m not keen on holidays at the best of times, I hate living out of suitcases, I hate the thought that someone is going to come into your hotel room, when you’ve gone out for the day, Do you take your passport, spare cash, good jewellery (pass) with you, or put it in the hotel safe, what a hassle, Did you put your case keys in your handbag, or was it in your pocket, or maybe they’re in the jacket you just took off, or horrors, leave them in the case and lock it?
Do you dress for dinner, then change back casual ‘cos you’re having an evening in, oh dear am I an old humbug when it comes to holidays
I’ve always  had a yearning to go to Japan, I find the culture fascinating,  maybe I will one day, then I think of the travelling, the queues /delays/strikes at the airport,  sigh , I don’t know that I could face it, I’ll put it on hold, but it does make me wonder what makes people go for a particular type of holiday, sun and sea or snow and skis ., or maybe your happy where you are and hope things improve .The world’s your oyster