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Ruby and Tango
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Thursday, 10 February 2011

To Pen, Sheila, Beth and Lo

Hi girls, it;s easier to post reply than singly, thanks for your comments, much appreciated, I spent part of yesterday trying to put stuff in convenient places, huh! that's a joke, I've no doubt I'll spend most of my time looking for stuff, and having to change it around almost daily till I get the right stuff in the right place.
I'm down to the little things now, the junk that you collect, sellotape, string, rubber bands, the clips to close plastic bags, skewer to test cakes, pastry brush, you all know what I mean, stuff that ends up in a drawer. I am now trying to put it neatly into a Tupperware box to keep it tidy. [for how long]?
I made an error of not having a drawer in the cupboard by the sink, I always had the cutlery drawer there, and am finding it frustrating to have to walk across all three feet for a knife or whatever. lol
I haven't found too much stuff out of date, surprise, though I do have  a few tins of fruit  to scoff.  Though I did find a lots of plastic cutlery and cups from the year dot. so they'll get dumped.
No I haven't got rid of my teapots, lol, I've got room to keep them all, only because I didn't know which to get rid of., same thing with mugs, though I prefer a china cup and saucer I have a mug in the evening with my toast and banana and have a different one as the mood takes me. Go on say it, 'she's such a snob'. ha, ha.

I will take photos to-morrow when it looks a bit tidier.

I was so tired last night I went to bed before 10 pm but it was lovely not having to get up at 6.30 am.
  My friend Avril and I had to get rid of all the rubbish, cardboard packing, offcuts, and some old cupboards, we had both cars full, we were going in the afternoon, but changed it to morning as it started to rain, and it poured, we got soaked, bless her, she's a good friends, I owe her a meal so we'll go out at the weekend.
The dogs had there walk cut short as I was still wet and it was still pouring.

Pen, that's very naughty of Bess trying to trip you up and hiding your chair, she must be real p***d off,  can't you upload a nice pic of my Tango and tell her this is her very own Johnny D and she'll be so busy drooling over him, she won't notice the time you're spending on the computer.  Sending her hugs anyhow even if she is naughty XX

How lucky still to have friends from WLS Beth, I find my little pool is gradually diminishing, so I do appreciate the ones I get now.

I know what you mean Pen about trying to keep WP and Blogger going it is hard work,I find it hard enough just trying to find people on both and keep up with comments. oh well, we cope.

That's it for now  folks, catch up tomorrow. I'm going to have a little walkabout.

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  1. Thank you for the update Arlene. I hope you have a lovely weekend.


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