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Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Stormy weather

Posting this blog before I take the dogs out for their evening run. Please please, let it stay dry, It is already dull and overcast with a fair bit of wind, thoroughly miserable. There’s no use going out too early as it makes the evening too long and seemingly endless.

This morning it started out bright and sunny, such a change, I did manage to get a nice beach walk in in the dry, having a chat and catch up with many other regular dog walkers. Now that the holidays are over the beach is almost quite empty., the next influx will be Easter. however back to weather,

Yesterday was gales with 80 mph winds and lashing rain, as anyone here in Britain will have heard about. I took the dogs out at 11.30 am hoping it would clear up a bit as they said it would. It was raining so I put on waterproof trousers and jacket plus wellies, hat and gloves, coats on dogs. We went to the Rugby field as I’d gone to pick up Barney. About 5 minutes into the walk the rain got heavier and the wind got stronger, before we got half way round the rain was horizontal and the wind was blowing a right hoolie. I was walking into it, my hood wouldn’t stay up, my gloves got soaked just trying to keep it on, I was walking with my head at right angles to my neck trying to shield my eyes, it was as though someone had turned on a water hose, I have honestly never seen, far less walked in such weather. The dogs were skulking as close to the bushes as they could, but there was no shelter, so we just had to keep going, The field was a sea of mud with the previous days’ rain, now it was just swimming, so it was hard to keep my feet and stay upright with the wind.

By the time we got back to the car we were soaked through, I put a plastic sheet on my seat, but when I sat down the water ran off my jacket on to it and ‘puddled’ I could feel it soaking through my trousers at the back.

On driving home the streets were gutter to gutter water, by the time I got home it had almost stopped, I peeled off my clothes after drying off the dogs best I could. I had to strip down to the essentials. never been so wet from rain in my life.  An hour or so later the sun was shining ! British weather EH! who’d have it?

Well the dogs are getting restless, so I think it’s time for me to get togged up and take them out ‘again’ as it’s getting dark early tonight at only 4.15 pm

rain dog

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  1. That must have been scary, wondering if you might be blown down, glad you didn't. Dark comes very early there. At the moment, I can't recall when it turns dark here, gonna pay attention if I can

  2. You are a much braver soul than I Arlene. That sounds like a necessary thing you had to do though.

    The weather here today is beautiful!

  3. When you have dogs you're never far from one adventure or another.

  4. Thanks GG, Beth and Rob, I think it's because i'm small I didn't get blown over, too close to the ground :-)
    It's not bravery Beth, it's necessity and duty, though not always enjoyed .
    It's true Rob, my life would be pretty dull if I didn't have to take them out,
    BTW I was lucky this evening, YAYYYYY!

  5. Arlene, thank god I don't have animals the need to walk regularly. Just reading your adventure is enough for me. ;-)

  6. Hee, hee, Horst, it does have it's 'up' side, it's an absolute pleasure in the summer.

  7. Wow, that was some "dog walk". Been so dry and calm here when there should be snow etc. Just weird weather this year.

  8. Wow Arlene that sound scary you are are very brave to venture out like that. Hope you don't get caught out like that again. Like Horst says: sometimes it is tricky in the bad weather. But hey in the summer it's fabulous seeing them romp around the place. Take care stay dry Hugs Sheila and Wile-e xx

  9. Terry and Sheila....It wasn't that I was being brave, it just happened to let it rip when I was part way round the field, I don't think I'd have gone out in it had it started before I left the car..
    Hugs and sloppy licks from we3 XX


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