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Friday, 13 July 2012

My Holiday part two

Sorry not to have come back as when I said, but I just got busy.

Tuesday 26th and off up to the Shenandoah National Park in the Blue Ridge Mountains, It was quite a ride up there, tree lined almost all the way, with one or two very old cabins where folk had stayed whilst the Park was being re-forested after the cutting down of timber. We stayed at the Skyland Lodge, which were rows of huts on two storeys, basic but perfectly adequate.
Ours was on the right at the bottom, the windows are at the back with a balcony overlooking the valley.
Close up
We only stayed there one night and I would have appreciated longer as it was so peaceful and interesting, We had some deer pass by the balcony and a skunk, the glow-worms were winking brightly, One of the party saw a bear cub on the front lawn.
Next day we went into Colonial Williamsburg, an utterly enchanting little village with lots of shops in alleyways, with no traffic. It was a shopholic's paradise but not cheap.
There was one shop devoted to nothing but Christmas baubles and decorations, Karen loved it and she went in to indulge I stayed outside to take some photographs, the temperature was just over 100 degrees, so had to stay in the shade. 

The Christmas Shop

Looking to the restaurant

One of the Malls
That's it for now folks i've loaned out my literature and without the flyers I can't quite recall the order of things, I'll catch up more as soon as possible, thanks for watching.

Thank you for visiting and please come back, Arlene, Tango and Ru



  1. It looks a fabulous place Arlene, the balcony overlooking that valley must have been amazing :) Thanks for popping by my blog, like you I have been busy with my daughter, she is now safely in China again, I miss her but know she will have a great time out there. She is attending a language school for two months to get her spoken Chinese up to speed, then she will be living at home for her final year of Uni, it is just too expensive for her to live in London, so she will be commuting.
    Love to you and the dogs, have a great weekend :) xxxx

    1. Hi again Poppy, yes that was a lovely spot for looking out for wildlife, and though I said I'd like to go back to Washington again, Shenandoah would also be on the list. I do feel for you having your daughter so far away, I would hate that, Karen had thoughts of them going to NZ a few years ago, but decided she couldn't leave me, I was flattered and pleased but a little cross, as things are tough here just now as you know. It will be nice to have your girl back home for a year. Tajke care and licks [dry ones] from the dogs. X

  2. I am glad you had such a good time here. I know the area you are talking about as I have visited there. Beautiful country. I love America! xx

    1. Hi Beth, thanks for dropping by again, you are a true stalwart like Sheila, and I'm pleased Poppy has popped ? back, I should check out people's blogs more often. You are lucky to have access to so many wonderful places in America and I'm not surprised you love it so much. X

  3. Lovely Arlene that is a very attractive parade of shops. Love the Christmas shop ..Beautiful view from the balcony .
    Have a great weekend
    Hugs Sheila xx

    1. Hi to you to Sheila, yes I was taken up with those shops and the setting, I took several more photos but pretty much of a muchness unless you were there in the flesh. I didn't do the Christmas shop as I don't put up a tree or decorate any more as I usually go to the girls' houses, so leave them to do that, Karen has a really splendiferous tree and really celebrates the festive season, so she was in her element there. The weekend's wet[ish] :-(


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